Do you still believe in love?

2022-07-26 0 By

What moment did you suddenly question the love you had been so infatuated with?In fact, you do not know that love has a voice.I have seen you love me, and I know when you don’t.When a person really loves a person, can feel, do not love is also.The person who loves you will never let you worry about gains and losses, no matter what you say and do, he will not have any impatient mood, on the contrary, self-evident.All relationships are true at the beginning.It’s just that in the end, when all that passion fades away, it’s the end of a relationship.The world will not have unchanged things, good love, run in with each other, mutual compromise, can go for a long time.If one party is tired and wants to give up, the other party will try again in vain.No wonder people say that love is like holding sand in your hand. The harder you hold it, the faster the sand falls. If you want to keep the sand, you have to let it go.If you don’t care about the sand, you can just throw it away. At least your hands are clean.No matter man or woman, don’t lose someone you love easily.There is no complete true fool in this world. When someone loves you, they may be willing to believe your lies and forgive your mistakes again and again.But you let them get hurt over and over again, and one day you may regret it, and it will only be you that get hurt.I think good love, do not need to be polite, sometimes love to say out loud.When there are contradictions between each other, to learn to communicate well.You have to let the other person know what you’re thinking.Don’t always doubt each other.So, when love must be good, seriously, attentively to love, not half-hearted, not hypocrisy, this is a kind of respect to feelings, but also to your own personality respect.May all the true love in this world be treated gently!May all the true feelings not be disappointed!