Hanyi character library excavates the potential of characters, edifies life with font culture, and blooms the beauty of characters with heart

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Text is the symbol of culture, but also the carrier of civilization, carrying the up and down five thousand years of history, evolution of huaxia culture memory, from oracle period become more common, the simplified characters of modern fashion, the development of Chinese characters passed a way is growing, as still in use at the end of the hieroglyphics, Chinese characters, so it is urgent to development of Chinese culture,As a leading font font design enterprise in China, Hanyi font library will carry forward Chinese character culture as its own responsibility, with excellent professional ability, so far, it has developed thousands of font products for B-end enterprises and C-end users, becoming the leader in the Chinese font industry.Xiaomi MiSans has successfully created a number of brand fonts, from OPPO New brand fonts OPPO Sans to Huawei HarmonyOS Sans. The font design team of Hanyi Font Library focuses on the functionality and universality of fonts and conducts research on brand characteristics.Through the insight into the humanities, quality, trend culture trend change, support the training of young people love font, to create an endless stream of popular market.At the MIUI 13 event held on the evening of December 28, Xiaomi officially unveiled its new font — MiSans.Jointly developed by Xiaomi and Hanyi Font Library, MiSans contains 29,093 characters and supports multiple languages.MiSans pen is flat and powerful, with a more simple design that reduces visual burden and is more conducive to screen display.MiSans word weight complete, hierarchy clear, with practicality and speed, link brands and users.In addition to the brand custom font link trend and fashion, Han Yi has always been committed to mining the cultural attributes of the text, in songyang, an ancient and quiet town in Zhejiang, China, has gathered a large number of excellent design, from modern architecture to the city guide system,All reflect the collision of ancient simplicity and modern design, “Han Yi Songyang body” is one of them.Did not see the person, we will first hear the words, “han instrument SongYang body” font genes derived from the old house SongYang well-preserved house accumulating SongYang context in the chain spirit, will feel about SongYang combined with old addresses the font style, “han instrument SongYang body” arises at the historic moment, this is China’s first city of font, a string of text symbols, as if place oneself in the streets of SongYang,Create an immersive experience with words, and carry the city light with fonts.China’s first city font “han instrument SongYang body” began in words, but beyond the word font is the symbol of culture, whether emerging brand or historic old town, every custom font has a beautiful story behind, han instrument word stock is committed to through multiple ways of Chinese characters design let more people hear the sound of the word behind, feedback city tour development and construction of spiritual culture.Let the character become the value symbol, become the best carrier of the transmission of spirit.Using words to promote culture, let culture permeate life, Han Yi has been on the road.