Jingyuan County Public Security Bureau model typical deeds “cloud propaganda” activity into the campus

2022-07-26 0 By

In recent years, jingyuan public security front emerged many outstanding heroes, produced a large number of heroic stories, in order to further strengthen the relationship between the police and the people, tell good police stories, On April 7, Jingyuan County public Security Bureau Huizhou Road police station police walked into the campus, to carry out the typical deeds of the model “cloud propaganda” activity.The activity was carried out through live streaming and video conference, and nearly 800 people in jingyuan Normal School watched the activity online.In the activity, Xie Hui, a policeman from Huizhou Road police station, preached the deeds of three typical figures emerging in jingyuan public security front in recent years, showing the advanced figures in different police types, different periods and different aspects of Jingyuan public security.Root with all the year round to police station, a line of old police, have jobs to study business in criminal technology, make outstanding contributions to criminal investigation advanced type, have the crime, protecting life and property safety of the people in the field of criminal investigation police investigation, the comprehensive shows the jingyuan public security in the maintenance of security, service at the grass-roots level, to crack down on illegal and criminal aspects of various efforts and contributions,Let the students feel the deeds of advanced figures at the same time, can fully experience the hard-won peace, but also let the students from the deeds of advanced figures firm “study hard, make progress every day” determination and confidence, for learning a variety of cultural knowledge to lay a solid ideological foundation.Through online propaganda and the new form of integration of traditional media and new media, the activity set up a tall and positive image of the police in the new era, which was widely praised by teachers, students and parents of the school.During the activity, teachers and students also talked about their feelings.(Source: Jingyuan County Public Security Bureau)