Mustang’s ace pilot in Europe: single-handedly, against 30 German fighters!

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The Mustang is a specially developed allied escort fighter for bomber escort missions in Europe.The Mustang is known for its long range, excellent combat performance and, of course, its German rival, the Luftwaffe, is not a pushover.In the spring of 1944, allied bombing raids on German strategic sites continued, with 500 B-17s at a time and a convoy of 40 Mustangs ready to meet German FW-109 fighters.This time, the Mustang was attacked by 36 German griffins.After a scuffle, commander Howard lost contact with the convoy when he was confronted by another bomber group, B-17 401, which had no escorts. Howard bravely took on the task.At this time, the front appeared 30 German fighter formation, Howard can only be alone at this time, to meet the 30 German fighter.Howard’s gunner had a problem. His machine gun jammed.In this case, Howard had to use the aircraft themselves to disrupt the German deployment and prevent them from attacking bomber formations.Howard’s brave escort performance, so that the United States bomber formation admiration.And Howard’s final results, almost accounted for more than half of the entire convoy.He’s a real ace pilot of genius.He was the only fighter pilot in Europe to receive the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest honor. When others learned of Howard’s exploits, they thought it was a sure thing.What do you think?