The biggest rain and snow since the year of the Tiger

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Today, the beginning of spring, most parts of Hubei ushered in sunny.Have you been in the sun?Shennongjia International Ski Resort on the fourth day of the first lunar month Photography: Li Shuyang February 4, Enshi Hefeng County Zhongying town bright sun Xianning City, Hubei Province tongcheng County source: Xu Yao is expected tomorrow (the fifth day of the Chinese New Year) evening, Hubei from west to east and there will be a rain and snow weather, temperature drop, wind increase!From February 5 to 7, China’s Middle East region is expected to see the most rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger, according to The China Weather Website.This process has the characteristics of wide range, large magnitude, complex rain and snow phase, local freezing rain, the impact will affect more than 20 provinces, regions and cities, hunan, Hubei, Anhui and other parts of the region will have a heavy snowstorm, the local heavy snowstorm in southeast Xizang.The weather forecast for the next three days in Hubei province will be cloudy to overcast in northwest hubei and southwest Hubei in the evening of 4th.Sunny to cloudy in other areas.Wind: northward force 2 to 3 Maximum temperature: 9 to 12℃ in most areas Minimum temperature: -4 to -1℃ in north;In the south of -1 ~ 2℃, the weather of 5 days in Shiyan and Shennongjia will turn to sleet or light to moderate snow;Enshi, Yichang cloudy day to light rain, high altitude areas with sleet or snow;Cloudy to overcast in other areas.Fog in eastern and southern Hubei in the morning.Wind: northerly wind level 3 to 4 Maximum temperature: 4 ~ 7℃ in the west;Eastern 8 ~ 11℃ minimum temperature: most areas -1 ~ 2℃6 weather Shiyan, Shennongjia cloudy with moderate to heavy snow;Enshi, Yichang light to moderate rain to sleet or snow, high altitude areas have moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard;Xiangyang, Suizhou, Jingmen, western Jingzhou, Xiaogan, huanggang north cloudy to sleet or snow;In other areas, cloudy skies turn to light to moderate rain and snow.Wind: north wind force 3 to 4, gust force 5 Maximum temperature: west 1 to 4℃;4 ~ 6℃ in the east minimum temperature: -3 ~ -1℃ in the north;South – 1 ~ 1 ℃ warm prompt main cities in hubei province weather forecast tonight in eastern and southern regions of hubei province tomorrow morning fog, tomorrow night to most of the day after tomorrow have rain and snow weather, the rain and snow weather process and the Spring Festival travel peak time overlap, the public at the time of return need to pay close attention to weather changes, pay attention to the road slippery, mountains of snow and ice, low visibility weather on the negative impact of the transportation.Warm prompt passengers service platform in hubei province left how to use the “back to hubei treasure” click on the card below focus on “the Yangtze river cloud” official WeChat click the menu bar “return to hubei treasure” into the origin and destination risk condition, travel service platform policy easily query source | comprehensive Chinese weather net, hubei Yangtze river cloud meteorological coordinating editor | Dong Jingjing