Tons of White House papers flushed down the toilet!Donald Trump in big trouble?

2022-07-26 0 By

CNN has repeatedly reported on a “breaking news” report from maggie Haberman, a US journalist, in a forthcoming book that claims That President Donald Trump has often flushed documents down the toilet, clogging the White House toilet, the Global Times reported.The article said White House staff found more than one clogged toilet, and when workers were called in to fix it, they found piles of typed paper in the pipes that the former president may have tried to flush.SouTu editor for this charge, not surprisingly quickly deny trump, and refute this is “a false story again,” according to the report, trump said in a statement, CNN is absolutely not true, the so-called “breaking news” entirely by a reporter fabricated, its purpose is to her that this is almost entirely fictional book.In his attack on the media, Mr Trump again took aim at the Biden administration, saying Democrats were trying to disguise how bad America was under Mr Biden by using the episode and members of an unelected political goons as camouflage.In his first four years in office, Trump has publicly criticized CNN, calling it “fake news.” Not long ago, CNN president Jeff Zucker sparked controversy after his scandal with CNN executive Alison Golester.Trump took the opportunity to call CNN a “world-class scumdog” and mock the network’s declining ratings.SouTu editor, since after he left the White House trump, CNN’s ratings began to plummet, according to official statistics, according to CNN early January ratings than the same period last year dropped by 90%, despite the “Capitol hill the first anniversary of the fall” has brought its short TV ratings boost, but on CNN two another producer after the scandal broke,Again, the media came under fire from the public.SouTu editor, however, I recently also is an intrinsic trump, according to the media after the news, from the White House at the time of outgoing trump took 15 cases of files, and these documents are involved in the national top secret, according to the regulation, trump on the left the White House should take these files to the us national archives box records administration,But not only did he not turn them in, some of them were shredded, and hundreds of pages were glued back together.