Wang Nan, “the first sister of female table tennis”, is the first person in the world to win three consecutive titles. Her rich husband never abandons her after 13 years of cancer

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As we all know, Liu Guoliang, the head coach of The National Table tennis Team of China, was called “fat man who doesn’t know the ball”, but in fact he was the first Chinese singles champion of the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the World Cup.But what most people don’t know is that Liu guoliang is not only a good table tennis player, but also a matchmaker in real life.Table tennis queen Wang Nan retired, is in his matchmaking money, just married her rich husband Guo Bin eight years old.As the first person to win three consecutive world Table Tennis Championships in China, Wang Nan was also an excellent table tennis player before her retirement. She won a total of 24 world championships in her career, which can be compared to her predecessor Deng Yaping.Only unfortunately, after marriage did not have how long she suffered from cancer, fortunately Liu Guoliang helps him to choose this man is reliable, from beginning to end to her never abandon, the Wang Nan of 12 years of anti-cancer, now how?Why did Liu Guoliang pull the strings to know her and her husband?In January 1978, Wang Nan was born in a worker’s family in Fushun, Liaoning province. She was the youngest in the family, and there was a sister five years older than her. Although the family conditions were not particularly good, Wang Nan was proud of her parents from an early age in the era of workers.Wang Nan was very naughty when she was a child, different from her quiet sister, who liked reading and liked small skirts, but her character was like a little boy, and her parents felt a headache, but at a loss.One day, Wang Nan went to the workshop with her mother to play. She saw her mother’s colleague’s child playing table tennis and clamoured to learn. Her mother asked her, “Why do you learn this?After all, seeing that her daughter liked it, Wang nan’s mother bought her a table tennis bat. Later, seeing her practice at home was serious, she thought, “Could she try to be a table tennis player?”The more I think, the more I think it is possible, in order not to waste her daughter’s interest in table tennis and talent, when Wang Nan was 7 years old, she sent Wang Nan to fushun Sports school. After entering the sports school, because the school is closed management, Wang Nan can only go home every weekend at that time.Since Wang Nan started her career as an athlete, in addition to her mother’s expectations, her father is also very demanding of her. She would also ask her to practice ball control and attacking skills on weekends when she rarely rests.Wang nan’s mother said: “At that time, her father was very strict with her. It hurt my heart to see her practice a movement hundreds of times a day.”Although at that time the training is very hard, but Wang Nan still never thought to give up, character along with her father, will all these silently bear down.Once her mother saw her peeling hands, then tearfully distressed to her said: “Girl, we don’t practice.”For the general children would have been happy to jump up, Wang Nan said: “Mom, I’m all right, you see I can still live.””I will not let you down, you may rest assured.”After practicing in the sports school for three years, zhang Kangmei, the coach of Liaoning Provincial team, recognized her talent in table tennis and selected her into the provincial team. After the coach’s more systematic and professional guidance and training, Wang Nan’s skills improved by leaps and leaps. At the end of the second year, she was successfully selected into the national team and became a member of the national team.Enter the national team, before long, Wang Nan with a “young and flunky not to give up” strength in the national team broke out a reputation, became teammates eyes of the “genius girl”, at that time her coach Zeng Chuanqiang is also very optimistic about her.In 1994, one year after she was selected to the National team, wang Nan took part in the Swedish Open as a representative. In the women’s singles competition, with her solid foundation and good mentality, Wang Nan steadily reached the final and finally won the women’s singles championship, becoming the dark horse in the competition.At that time, deng Yaping ruled the National Women’s Table Tennis Team. Wang Nan did not feel that the mountain was too high for her to climb. On the contrary, she believed that the achievements of her predecessors were the driving force for her to keep moving forward.On second year’s China open, she met her has been a pedestal of deng yaping, although at that time, wang nan has some achievements, but for she met a big devil king deng yaping, a lot of people don’t believe in her, but indomitable quite defeated deng yaping, wang nan won the women’s singles champion, is also starting at this time, her career in the climax.At the 44th World Championships, Wang Nan, together with Deng Yaping and other teammates, won her first world championship. After that, she participated in the World Cup and won her first world singles championship.In 1998, wang Nan took part in the Bangkok Asian Games at the age of 20. She won the gold MEDALS of women’s singles, women’s doubles, women’s team and mixed doubles at one fell swone and became the biggest winner in the table tennis field of the Asian Games.And let her become a real NvPing leaders of China, or in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, in the Olympic Games, wang nan is bursting with its own highlights moments, she won the women’s singles and women’s doubles at Olympic venues two champions, is the Olympic Games, China won two gold MEDALS only a player, has become the focus of media reports at that time.Right now Wang Nan in addition to the career on the spring breeze outside, she also harvested his feelings, in a party after the game, teammate Liu Guoliang introduced a good friend to her understanding, this person’s name is Guo Bin, 8 years old than her, is a successful businessman.Guo Bin early on the famous Wang Nan heart of favor, this just let Liu Guoliang give him matchmaking and Wang Nan know, the first time to see Wang Nan, Guo Bin is very excited.And Guo Bin feeling just the opposite, the first time to see Guo Bin, she did not have too much good feelings for this man, and even feel often mixed in the shopping mall guo Bin some greasy, staring at her eyes let her feel some uncomfortable.But due to teammate Liu Guoliang’s face, Wang Nan and Guo Bin exchange contact information, but did not expect, this contact information exchange, completely launched their later story.Guo Bin since get Wang Nan’s contact information, every day do not listen to her greetings, good morning good night is never absent, plus a good friend Liu Guoliang assist, he often appeared in wang Nan match on the field to cheer her on.In the 2002 Busan Asian Games, she led the Chinese Women’s Table Tennis team and suffered a disastrous defeat against the North Korean team. She also lost to Kim Xiangmei and Kim Young-hee of the North Korean team.Many people don’t understand why she suddenly appeared such a bad thing, even she said in the post-match interview: “my mind is blank, I don’t even know how to go back.”This defeat not only hit her self-confidence, but also let her have the idea of retirement for the first time, Guo Bin learned that Wang Nan, immediately flew to South Korea to accompany her.In wang Nan mood the most depressed in this paragraph of days, it is Guo Bin to encourage her beside her all the time, give her warmth, after this thing, even wang Nan himself also do not know, in fact, her heart had a strange feeling to Guo Bin.Wang Nan, who restored confidence, returned to the competition again, in order to fight in Athens Olympic Games, she has been doing all kinds of preparation, won the world Table Tennis Championships in 2003, women’s singles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles three gold MEDALS, she went on the Athens Olympic Games with strong confidence.Unfortunately, in the Athens Olympic Games, she unexpectedly lost to the unknown Singaporean dark horse Li Jia Wei, became the most regrettable thing in this competition.After the failure of busan Asian Games in South Korea, Wang Nan again lost in the Athens Olympic Games, and did not fall into a low as before, she has experienced more and more courage, not long before she won the women’s singles in the World Table Tennis Championships again, became the first person to win three consecutive world Table Tennis championships.Wang Nan made her final Olympic appearance in Beijing in 2008, losing to teammate Zhang Yining to win the silver medal, but she was moved to tears when the national flag was raised.The reason why she shed tears this time was not because she lost to Zhang Yining, but because she shed tears for her career. This competition meant that she would soon bid farewell to the career that had accompanied her for the first half of her life.”This is probably my last race,” she said before the competition. “I’m going to retire after the Olympics. It’s something I’ll never forget.”In fact, not only for her, for all the fans, it was unforgettable.Wang Nan after retiring put all center of gravity to go up in the life and feeling, love with male friend Guo Bin to be reluctant to part with her, two people arrived to talk about marriage very quickly the level that marry, at this moment god opened a joke with them suddenly however.That period of time Wang Nan often dizzy, the whole person seems to have collapsed, worried about her Guo Bin will send her to the hospital for examination, found that she suffered from thyroid cancer, must be operated on immediately.Learn this news, Wang Nan the whole person is meng, guo Bin is on the other side of the direct burst into tears, but Guo Bin also did not leave Wang Nan, he also assured Wang Nan’s mother: “Mom, you rest assured, no matter how Wang Nan later, I will never change her feelings.”In order to prove his love, Guo Bin in Wang Nan before surgery, to her a high-profile proposal, he said affectionately: “Miss Wang Nan, do you want to entrust your life to me?”See Guo Bin eyes deep feeling, Wang Nan excited nodded.In September 2008, wang Nan was happily married to Guo Bin, a man who had accompanied her for many years after her retirement.Their wedding invited the famous sports host Han Qiaosheng presided over, Li Zhaoxing personally for the two of them married, bridesmaid is everyone’s favorite Ai Fukuhara, best man is also as a national player Ma Lin.When see Wang Nan happy to marry Guo Bin, for them this pair of matchmaking Liu Guoliang, stood in the audience a face of gratified and sincerely feel happy for them smile.After more than a month after marriage, Wang Nan in the company of her husband Guo Bin completed the operation, although the doctor said that cancer can not guarantee a radical cure, it is possible to relapse later, But Guo Bin still assured Wang Nan: “No matter how, you and I together advance and retreat, I will always accompany you.”See Guo Bin to his deep feeling, Wang Nan is convinced eventually, oneself did not see wrong person really, after the operation recovers, she entered the Communist Youth League to work, and her husband Guo Bin feeling is particularly good, gave birth to a son a female for the other side later, the arrival of the child makes the feelings of their two people become more inseparable.Cancer now has 13 years of wang nan, accompanied by her husband, always happy, \ leave, let her feel there has never been warm, is likely to be at the gate of hell past time that the reason, they now happiness, active in charity, has become popular and support a pair of fairy handsome couple!