Weishi County Justice Bureau of Kaifeng concentrates on studying anti-Organized Crime Law of the People’s Republic of China

2022-07-26 0 By

Recently, Kaifeng City Yushi County justice Bureau held a party group expansion conference, focusing on the study of the People’s Republic of China against organized crime Law.Lu Xianzeng, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Bureau, learned the relevant contents of the Anti-Organized Crime Law of the People’s Republic of China.This study focuses on the interpretation of the anti-Organized Crime Law’s legislative purpose, crime concept, guiding ideology, basic policies and related to the administration of justice and other contents.You have said to the learning as an opportunity to build defenses, the foothold official duty, put the good learning, good publicity, to carry out “against organized crimes” as the current and future a period a priority of the franco-prussian propaganda, active performance of the judicial administrative functions, take on normalized anti-triad putting, the important responsibility of the construction of peace WeiShi.Through the concentrated study of the People’s Republic of China against organized crime Law, to further enhance the political awareness of the bureau of police anti-mafia, to continue to promote the anti-mafia special struggle, to promote the construction of “peace Yuzi” solid foundation.The next step, the bureau will give full play to its functions, the anti-Organized Crime Law will be included in the “eighth Five-Year” legal responsibility list, widely publicized interpretation of the Anti-Organized Crime Law, continue to improve the awareness of the society.Actively organized and carried out the anti-Organized Crime Law publicity activities with the “six aspects of the Law” as the focus.In accordance with the law, it performs the function of community correction and supervision, ensures the accurate application of the Anti-Organized Crime Law in the execution of criminal penalties, and strives to fight a constant battle against organized crime.An Ling-ying) Contributed by Weishi County Justice Bureau