What is 20822?Often posing as pure grain wine on the market, “it” in the end what mystery

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Big data shows that liquor sales are only increasing, and it is a big consumption beverage in China.Because have such profiteer, just let a few bad businessman move crooked brain, pretend to be pure grain wine with inferior wine, whole market is stirred chaos, consumer also be afraid of.Therefore, we can only find a variety of wine identification methods, and the product standard number is the most popular in the wine circle.It’s easy to tell from the bottle, but the simpler it is, the more controversial it is.In particular, “20822”, the product standard number, some people think that there is grain grain, drink and pure grain wine, is good wine, and some people think that there are additives, is not good wine.What exactly is 20822?From the outside, the wine is clear and clear, with complete product label, and is almost indistinguishable from pure grain wine.But to observe carefully, its raw materials, technology and pure grain wine are far apart.”20822″ = solid liquid process =30% grain +70% edible alcohol, spices = alcohol blending although there are pure grain and wine in the wine, the content is small, most of them are additives, low cost, poor wine quality, after simple blending, and then sold at a high price, it is a pure alcohol blending wine.Because the bottle is marked with professional terms, so many wine circles on the pit unknowingly.Can alcohol blended wine still be called white wine?Under the new national standards for baijiu, it will no longer be called baijiu.It clearly stipulates that the use of food additives, no matter what process brewed, can not be called baijiu, but can be called “flavor liquor.”This alone is the death sentence for 20822.How harmful is alcohol blending?In fact, on the market alcohol blending wine fraud into pure grain wine examples are not a few, on the one hand is too cunning bad businesses, with different ways to pretend to be pure grain wine, on the other hand is that consumers will not distinguish.In addition to ethanol (alcohol) and water, alcohol oil, methanol, aldehydes and other harmful substances are high in alcohol blended wine, which is easy to go to the head after drinking.In addition, “it” to achieve the same flavor and pure grain wine, is bound to add a variety of spices seasoning, what sweet element, plasticizer, ester essence and so on, drink are additives, the harm can be imagined.If it is a legitimate winery brewed pure grain good wine, will never have this harm, they will maximize the quality of the wine to achieve the best, this wine is so, always put the wine quality and flavor first.10 years old Kunsha wine — Jun Zhongyuan private wine is made by fermentation of red silk seeds sorghum. The soy sauce flavor, aroma of coke, fruit and other complex flavors, as well as the slightly sour and mellow sweetness at the entrance, are all transformed from small red grain.It is ever chuanzheng adhere to the gentleman’s concept of brewing, in addition to the material must be good red grain, there are strict and complex kunsha brewing process, with professional technology, the methanol, fusel oil and other harmful substances removed, as far as possible will benefit to the highest, and he is the father of Maotaixiang Li Xingfa apprentice.Unfortunately, heart brewing, do not understand the publicity, all rely on good wine quality publicity, in the local wind review is very good, get a lot of old customers trust and sought after.Popular in the market for many years, what is the “mystery” of alcohol blending?First of all, alcohol blending was born with the permission of the state.In the 1950s and 1960s, when food was in short supply and famine was severe, in order to save food and meet the public’s demand for drinking, alcohol blending was developed with the permission of the state, but the materials were controlled by the state and would not cause any harm.The reason why it can prevail in the market for many years is because it is allowed by the state.Second, alcohol blended with edible alcohol is extremely cheap.The edible alcohol only needs 5000/ ton, while the pure grain wine needs a lot of grain grain. The red silk grain sorghum required for soy wine is 3-4 yuan/catty, and the ordinary sorghum needed for other flavor wine is 1-2 yuan/catty, so the price difference can be imagined.So bad businesses will be opportunistic, with low costs to earn high profits.How to identify alcohol blending?① Look at the list of raw materials, as long as there are words such as edible alcohol and spices, it is undoubtedly alcohol blending.Liquor has been listed, the raw material list is marked by national testing, we can rest assured that as long as it is regular channels to buy will not appear fraud.(2) Turn the bottle upside down to see the quality of the wine, inferior alcohol blending wine inside, you can see slight impurities, and good pure grain wine, no matter how shaken, it is still clear without impurities.(3) Look at the hop, shake the bottle hard, observe the hop out of the inferior alcohol wine is more intensive, and scattered fast, pure grain good wine full and clear hop, gap is obvious, and dissipation is slow.In short, want to buy pure grain good wine need to pay attention everywhere, enhance their discernible ability, and remind everyone, even buy good wine, also have to drink in moderation, not glutton.For the above 20822 (inferior alcohol blending wine), how do we look at it?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.