With the county procuratorate for the people to solve the problem of judicial warmth

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“Thank you for the trouble you have taken with me, I am so glad to see you come…”Li, 78, clasped the prosecutor’s hand, tears welling in her eyes and her words trembling with gratitude.Recently, the prosecutor of the county Procuratorate came to the home of grandma Li, an applicant for judicial assistance, to pay a return visit to understand her physical recovery and living conditions, and sent her to the procuratorial care for the elderly who lived alone and stayed behind.In July 2021, grandma Li, an elderly woman living alone, suffered minor injuries due to the unlawful infringement of a Jun, a mental patient in the same village.Through judicial appraisal, a Jun suffered from chronic schizophrenia during the crime, was assessed as no criminal responsibility.The criminal execution procuratorial department of the hospital found that the case might meet the conditions of judicial assistance when supervising the military’s compulsory medical execution activities, and transferred clues to the prosecution department.Later, the prosecutor rushed to the site of the crime to carry out field investigation, and learned that Grandma Li’s family moved to another place, and her only son went to work in another province to make a living. He lived alone all the year round, and the family conditions were very difficult.Verification of the relevant situation, with the county procuratorate immediately started the judicial assistance procedure, within a week will be 20,000 yuan of judicial assistance in place, as Grandma Li “urgent”.In addition, the procuratorial organ also actively coordinated with the village committee and the town government to implement the corresponding social assistance measures for Grandma Li, so that Grandma Li’s left-behind life is no longer lonely.It is reported that since the Deployment of “judicial assistance to help consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements boost rural revitalization” special activity, along with the county procuratorate constantly update the judicial assistance work concept, optimize the judicial assistance work mechanism, expand the quality and efficiency of judicial assistance work,Poverty in rural area is not stable family, the original document tent card poor, life difficult criminal victims, minors, edge easy poverty families, low out door group as the key point, such as strengthening the lawful rights and interests of the elderly, women and children and other vulnerable groups protection, serves the country revitalization of implementation for the people “, to the people’s “distress sorrow to” moment on the heart,We will use our passion and sense of responsibility to solve the worries, worries and anxieties of the people.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn