“Zhang Jiawen eat teammate soldier line” was identified by teammates, AD word let good brothers break defense

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Chia-wen chang, and now these three words in the Virginia is notorious chia-wen chang play very many people know the extremes, now in Europe, as long as discovered by his teammates, the person is chia-wen chang and his teammates will be to ridicule him, even the chia-wen chang all dare not to admit that you are chia-wen chang, afraid of being teammates take turns to attack.Things are like this, this game in the male gun single, the opposite is jiansheng single, three, the enemy hit wild emperor son to take care of male gun, a wave of EQ flash limit pick male gun, after the male gun handed over all skills were killed.So, Zhang Jiawen began his mouth hi.Then reached six, Zhang Jiawen male gun killed Jiansheng, found the field, but Zhang Jiawen this wave of performance is also the eardrum to shock broken, crazy for each other to play wild and jiansheng sympathy.Then Zhang Jiawen and the conflict between teammates, Zhang Jiawen came to the road dry, can get the head not to say, but also eat a wave of soldiers line.But at this time their own fighting wild Zhao Xin robbed Zhang Jiawen two soldiers.Zhang Jiawen played a mistake directly in fairness, but did not expect this Zhao Xin is not a soft persimsimo.Zhao Xin directly in the fair shot male gun you can hang up, this wave of speech is to let good brothers speechless.Zhang Jiwen in the studio and fans said that he did not dare to hang up, because after all, he is a big anchor, if the live hang up will be punished, a little attention will be banned, for their future devastating blow.Then teammates began to talk about whether the male gun is Zhang Jiawen, they also directly asked whether the male gun is Zhang Jiawen?’I’m not Zhang Jiawen myself,’ he said.This wave is also the whole live pull full broadcast room, bullets are crazy buckle six.Finally, what do you think of Zhang Jiawen’s extreme league of Legends?Some people think it’s ok to win the game, but some people think they can’t have fun, so what’s the point of your game?