A Dream of Red Mansions: Who is in charge of rongguo Mansion?Male master outside, female master inside, Jia mother is the president!

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If the Rongguo Mansion in a Dream of Red Mansions is compared to a company, Jia’s mother is the chairman of the board, Jia Zheng is the president, and Mrs. Wang is the vice president.Jia Lian is the general manager and Wang Xifeng is the deputy general manager.In fact, the real family is Jia’s mother, she did not completely let go of the matter, just ignore the small things.In the book, we can see not only Jia Zheng and Lady Wang reporting to Jia Mother, but also Jia Zhen in the government of Ning Guo.In a Dream of Red Mansions, the management of Rongguo Mansion is divided into two systems: “outside” and “inside”.The man in charge outside was Jia Zheng, the man working was Jia Lian, the man in charge inside was Mrs. Wang, the man working was Wang Xifeng.Under Jia lian and Wang Xifeng, there were several major butlers. Below them, there were many nephews, middle butlers and junior stewards. At the bottom were the common footmen, servants, maids, daughters-in-law and matrons who had no authority or position.In line with the principle of “filial piety first”, “male master outside and female master inside”, “men are superior to women”, “husband for wife” and so on, there are several principles in charge of the rong Guo Fu: men’s status is higher than women;If anything important happens, you report it to Jia’s mother;If Jia Zheng is not at home, Jia Lian can also report to Mrs. Wang.In fact, Wang Xifeng was lower than Jia Lian in terms of authority. She had to discuss many things with Jia Lian, but because she was competitive, she always wanted to beat Jia Lian.In a dream of Red Mansions, jia Zheng, the domboyish president of the Rong Guo Fu, said that he was “natural and unrestrained. He did not want to do anything vulgar. In his spare time, he just read chess and did not mind much about other things”.Jia Zheng is also rongguo mansion only have a serious work of men, he usually is to go to work every day to the minister wailang.As the master of household affairs, his responsibilities should be: the income of rongguo Mansion (farmland, land rent, etc.), expenditure (official and middle expenses, monthly money, etc.) management, personnel management (recruitment and dismissal), material procurement, as well as the contacts with dignitaries and other external work.Above all, Jia Zheng generally gave Jia Lian to take care of.So Jia Lian and Lin Zhixiao housekeeper in charge of the accounting house, especially good relationship, bao two dead stolen 200 taels of silver can help wipe from the book;Jia Yun, Jia Qiang and other jobs are to seek Jia Lian, and because the grand View garden belongs to the scope of the house, Wang Xifeng took the opportunity to seize power to show prestige.Generally speaking, Jia lian has done a good job.Leng Zixing said of Jia lian, “He is very changeable in the world. He talks a lot. So now he only lives in Uncle Zheng’s house and helps with the housework.”However, there was one thing that Jia Zheng could not evade in both public and private affairs, and it was also one of the things that he took great pains to do in his housekeeping career. That was to save relatives in Yuanchun and build a grand viewing garden.Jia Zheng himself took the lead in this task.Because the yuan spring mothering is the glory of the whole jia family, so even ningguo mansion boss Jia Zhen came to play a work for Jia Zheng, embarrassed rongguo Mansion long house Jia She all want to make a force.About the construction design of the mothering villa is by “the old man has been agreed”, apparently is Jia Zheng with Jia She and others to discuss, how to use the land, how to assign the work.About how Jia Zheng presided over the overall situation, it is summarized in the book: Jia Zheng was not used to the common affairs, only by jia She, Jia Zhen, Jia Lian, Lai Da, Lai Sheng, Lin Zhixiao, Wu Xindeng, Zhan Guang, Cheng Rixing and a few others.Where pile mountain chisel pool, building erect pavilion, planting bamboo and flowers, should point scenery and other things, and the mountain wild system.Next dynasty leisure, but everywhere to visit visit, the most important place and Jia She and other deliberations will just.Jia She only high lying at home, there are mustard beans, Jia Zhen, etc., or since hui Ming.It can be seen that Jia Zheng in this super important thing, had to personally manage, but still half shake hands shopkeeper, Jia She is also perfunctory face.Jia lian and the butlers below did the real work, and Jia Zhen helped to take care of it.When the grand View Garden was completed, Jia Led Baoyu to write a poem on the project. Jia lian was there to report his work to Jia Zheng in detail. At one moment, Jia Lian came to jia And asked how many he had and what he needed.When Jia Lian saw the question, he took a paper folding section from the boot bucket and looked at it. He replied, “I made a pile of makeup python embroidery, with 120 curtains of silk, ink and silk. Yesterday I got 80 curtains, and 40 were short.Two hundred curtains…In other times, Jia Zheng basically threw his hands off the shopkeeper in the book, and then reflected his stewardship is basically related to Baoyu. There are several things: 1. Baoyu goes to school: When Baoyu goes to school, he goes to Jia Zheng’s room to ask for his peace and tells jia Zheng that the valet who knows Baoyu is Li GUI, the son of Mammy Li, Baoyu’s wet nurse.This detail can be seen that Jia Zheng is more familiar with the people in the government, and more care about the people around Baoyu.2. Baoyu was beaten: When Baoyu was beaten, the Zhongshun royal family first came to look for Baoyu, first to look for Jia Zheng, first because he was Baoyu’s father, second because he was the head of the family.Then Jia Zheng heard that Baoyu had an affair with the entertainer and forced his adulterous mother and maidservant. He was so angry that he wanted to kill Baoyu, not only because he was Baoyu’s father, but also because he was the master of the Rong Guo Fu. He had to do this in order to appease the loyal king and not bring further trouble to the Rong Guo Fu.3, Baoyu concubine: Zhao Aunt jia Huan for caixia concubine, Jia Zheng once again in charge of housework, he said not to be busy, he had taken care of two girls, one for Baoyu, one for Jia Huan.This shows that Jia zheng is not completely indifferent to the common affairs, and as the head of the family and father, his son’s marriage has the right to decide.Mrs. Wang is the wife of Jia Zheng, the master mother of the rong Guo Mansion.Jia Zheng is not at home, so she can handle everything behind closed doors.Lady Wang’s responsibilities include: monthly ritual of the lords, servants, maids, etc., the planning of festivals or weddings and weddings in the palace, and arrangement of human relations between family friends.There are several details in a Dream of Red Mansions: 1. Wang Xifeng wants to ask Mrs. Wang for instructions to report her work: In the seventh chapter of a Dream of Red Mansions, there is a description: When it is time to light the lamp, Sister Feng has taken off her makeup. When she comes to see Mrs. Wang, she replies, “I have received what the Zhen family sent me today.Why don’t we give them what we bring him while they have a New Year’s boat at home?”Mrs. Wang nodded.Sister Feng said, “Old lady Lin ‘an bo’s birthday gift has been ordered. Who will send it?”Mrs. Wang said, “If you see who is idle, you can send them to the four women and ask me any serious questions.”This was the early days when Sister Feng came to power. She was very careful and meticulous. She arranged everything in detail and made a summary.It’s just a formality, but a boss is supposed to act like a boss.Even when Sister Feng wanted to go to ning Guo Fu for a day, she had to ask For leave from Mrs. Wang and only when she got permission did she dare to go.2. Lady Wang arranged the personnel of servant girls: In the thirty-sixth round, Lady Wang took advantage of Sister Feng’s report to ask Aunt Zhao not only about the half of the monthly silver of servant girls, but also about the rearrangement of the inheritance, the salary of jade Kushan, etc. Sister Feng immediately returned to Lady Wang and said, “Since sister Yu Kushan died, there is a person missing from madam Zhao.The wife or see that wench is good, command, next month good issue monthly money.”When Mrs. Wang heard this, she thought for a moment and said, “As far as I’m concerned, there must be four or five examples.Then Mrs. Wang mentioned that zhao’s maid’s salary was reduced by half, and Wang Xifeng replied like this: Sister Feng said with a smile, “Aunts’ maid, it used to be that each one of us hanged her every month.From the last year they discussed outside, the aunt each girl half, 500 yuan each, two girl, so short a drop of money.This shows that the accounting expenses of the Rong Guo Fu are determined by Jia Zheng jia Lian. Even the monthly routine of the servant girl is determined by the male master and the accounting clerk. The hostess of the house can only be responsible for the payment of wages, and the silver has passed.Lady Wang, however, was still very powerful. She then let Yuchuan receive twice as much money as Jinchuan, and had the raiding men withdraw from jia’s room and work as a “reserve concubine” that she secretly prepared for Baoyu, though she paid her own wages.This shows that Mrs. Wang is clearly the original belongs to jia mother’s servant girl raiding people to accept for their own use.Embroidery spring bag event: Mrs. Xing took the embroidered spring bag to humiliate Mrs. Wang housekeeper adverse, Mrs. Wang in a rage to raid the Grand View Garden.Mrs Xing from the hands of silly sister embroidery sichuan sac, sealed up to Mrs Wang, Mrs Wang why almost died?Because Mrs. Xing was insulting her housekeeper.Then Mrs Wang in order to avenge her humiliation, in a fit of piqued force inspection grand View Garden.What use is her housekeeper right, Wang Xifeng knows well to do so wrong, also have to carry out.In addition, there are many details in the book about Lady Wang’s housekeeping. For example, at Qin Keqing’s funeral, “Lady Wang, Lady Xing and Sister Feng were just welcomed into the house, and then marquis Jinxiang, Marquis Chuanning and Shoushan bo’s funeral ceremony were placed in front of the dead body.” Lady Wang’s name was ranked ahead of Lady Xing because she had housekeeping rights.Behind Jia Zhen invited Wang Xifeng to assist ningguo mansion, but also to Mrs Wang agreed to go.(Jia Fu) Rongguo Fu chairman Jia Mu Jia mu is not only the chairman of rongguo Fu, she is jia Fu status, the highest generation of people.Jia Zheng and Mrs. Wang;Mrs. Jia Exixing, as well as jia Zhen, the parent of ning Guo Fu, have to wait on this ancestor.Jia mother seems to give the housekeeper power to Mrs. Wang rongguo Mansion, in fact, she did not completely let go, encounter events, or decisive attack.More obvious is seventy-three times, Jia mother investigated and severely dealt with the grand view garden night gambling eat wine of the old lady: Jia mother life immediately check the first gambler, someone who reward, the secret to punish.Lin of filial piety home and so on see jia mother angry, who dare to favoritism, busy to the garden gather people, one by one.Jia Mother asked Datou first his family name and how much money…Jia mother life will dice cards burned together, all the money into the officer dispersed with the people, will be the head of each forty board, out of the total is not allowed to enter;From each 20 board, leather to march money, dial into 圊 toilet line.Lin’s filial piety will be a warning home.Note here Mrs. Wang is not absent, there are Tanchun and other help to manage the family, but Jia mother or personally, and vigorous, you can see from this when Jia mother housekeeper is what kind of style.Jia’s mother was often not satisfied with Mrs. Wang’s arrangements for daily banquets, entertaining and entertainment activities. For example, for the Lantern Festival dinner, jia’s mother led the banquet in the second half of the night.Grandma Liu’s visit to the Grand View Garden is also the theme of the activity that Jia’s mother came up with.Even the girl at home dating, Jia mother have to personally name who can participate in, who can not, is the south Anne Tafei sit up and take notice of that time, Jia mother did not let yingchun and Cherish spring out.Involving their own interests, Jia mother is not let, yuanyang refused to marry once, Jia mother temper, attitude and means are very tough.At ordinary times, Mrs. Wang has important things will be timely and Jia mother report: small to catch qingwen’s things, attack people secretly to Baoyu do preparation concubine things, big to zhen Fu copy home and so on.Jiao jiao back is the highlight of Jia Mother, Mrs Wang left home steward, Wang Xifeng follow service, Jia Zhen also for Jia Mother, also let Jia Rong home to take your mother-in-law to serve Jia Mother.In this time, Jia’s mother aimed at baoyu’s marriage control, released a big move.When Taoist Priest Zhang was talking to Baoyu about marriage, Jia’s mother said something like this: A monk said that the boy should not marry as early as possible, and that he should decide when he was older.But now you are asking, whether he is rich or not, as long as he looks good match, tell me.It was the poor family who gave him a few ounces of silver.It is only the appearance and character that are rarely good.Jia mother this meal even with the fight, basically has cut off the road of the golden marriage, because at that time Baochai is also fifteen years old, and zhang Taoist said the young lady condition is very consistent, Jia mother said Baoyu can not marry early, which is equivalent to rejecting the golden marriage, because Baoyu can afford to wait, Baochai can not afford to wait.Baoyu as jia Fu future hope, he was jia mother kept in the side since childhood, his marriage is also controlled by Jia mother, so, who can say that the old lady is not in charge?She just cares about the little things.The above is the general situation of housekeeping power distribution of Rong Guo Fu in a Dream of Red Mansions.So let me do that for now.In fact, the title of rong Guo Fu went to the eldest son Jia, but he lived in a small courtyard, but also separated;The second son, Jia Zheng, not only controls the housekeeper, but also lives in The Hall with his mother, Jia’s mother, which is quite perverse.Many people speculated that Jia was the illegitimate son and Jia zheng was the legitimate one.In fact, this is completely impossible, as long as there is a legitimate son and eldest grandson, the title can not be inherited from the illegitimate son.My guess is that Jia She lecherous, early may have made some big mistakes, involving the family, jia mother and even the family punishment, deprived of the stewardship.This is a digression, not to say nanshan tangerine warm/article