A look at the monster Hunter Rise Ver3.8 update

2022-07-27 0 By

Monster Hunter Rise has been updated with version 3.8.0 on the Switch, mainly with fixes for a number of issues.Here is a look at the Ver3.8 update for Rise of the Monster Hunter.You must update Rise of Monster Hunter to the latest version if you are making significant use of downloaded content and playing over an Internet connection.※ You can confirm the current version through the version information in the lower right corner of the title menu.* You need to join Nintendo Switch Online (paid) to play over an Internet connection.If you are not connected to the Internet, you can update the game software of your co-players to the same version through local communication.※ For more information, visit Nintendo Switch Q&A “.Major additional features/specification changes “Title menu” and “Messenger” can display new content notification and other content.You can choose “Options” > “Promotion” from the title menu.Some characters in traditional Chinese/simplified Chinese/Korean are changed to calligraphy fonts.Add new activities every week.New downloads can be purchased via the Nintendo eShop.If you cancel the “Call the Fukumoku rabbit” and another player joins the lobby at the same time, the manager will still display the fukumoku rabbit problem in the other player’s screen.Fixed bug Mc-117534 – Monster related drop start action sometimes does not play in full.Fixed an issue where some attack damage, such as grenades, would sometimes disappear when successfully destroying mud blocks on mud ichthyosaurs’ necks.Player/follower related fix an issue where the thumbnail does not match the model’s belt color when selecting body type 01 for Garment 04.Fixed an issue where hair would sometimes pop out of armor when setting certain hairstyles and armor in combination.Fixed an issue where the display numbers of some hair types were inconsistent between the change styling screen and the new content screen.Fixed a problem where the hair inside the sideburns of hair “hair on fire” and “hair on water” would embed in the skin.Fixed an issue where upper arms would become embedded when combining parts of wrist and body gear.Fixed an issue where the preview screen would sometimes show hunters and minions at the same time when selecting “Change Equipment”.Fixed an issue where minions in the game data selection screen would retain their previous equipment if they changed their equipment in certain steps.Fixed an issue where attribute effects could appear even when minions had no attributes attached to their attacks.Fixed an issue where the captive instruction manual sometimes did not appear on the first bound attack hit.Fixed an issue where the consumption of blending items would be abnormal under certain conditions when using items in the shortcut bar in drawing knives.Fixed an issue where landing in sword mode with slash axe would continue to land as a move action.Fixed an issue where shield axe could spawn from rear dodge to slash in Sword mode.Other fixes for the incorrect color of the ghostfire bird in the map icon list.Fixed an issue where the program would crash if played for a long time.Fixed an issue where certain actions in the mutual praise list would cause the game to stop by selecting blank squares.Fixed typos and other issues with in-game text.In addition, some problems have been corrected.Stay tuned for more