As the Spring Festival holiday draws to a close, Beijing will strengthen regional management to ensure targeted prevention and control

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Palm spring city on February 5th, lunar New Year holiday is coming to an end, in the face of the personnel flow may increase, deputy director of the Beijing WeiJianWei Wang Jianhui news conference at the city service special introduction, Beijing will adhere to the scientific and precise classification in terms of precise control, centralization, control, prevent minimize the impact on the residents’ life and social order.According to Wang jianhui, a multi-level and comprehensive monitoring and early warning system has been established in Beijing, with more than 680 infectious disease diagnosis and treatment institutions reporting infectious diseases, 80 fever clinics and 150 intestinal clinics monitoring cases of fever and diarrhea, and more than 600 medical institutions reporting 11 kinds of symptoms.More than 1000 pharmacies reported related information of medical services;A dynamic surveillance system for infectious diseases has been established covering seven transportation hubs, primary and secondary schools, and 282 fever screening checkpoints of community health service centers. A surveillance and early warning mechanism has been established for major infectious diseases among key people, environments and objects at ports, airports, railway stations, markets and other places.A regular monitoring mechanism has been established for personnel in cold-chain food, production and operation environments, and express delivery industries to maximize the ability to detect outbreaks in a timely manner.In terms of rapid disposal, Beijing set up a “epidemiological survey hundreds of experts” team and flow of the city’s 3600 people team, through the epidemiological investigation, big data comparison, nucleic acid detection and dynamic detection of serum antibody and whole genome sequencing analysis, clear in time transmission chain, quickly find out the source, to ensure the two longest incubation period to cut off the epidemic spread.In addition, Beijing has continued to improve its nucleic acid testing capacity, increasing the daily nucleic acid testing capacity from less than 5,000 samples at the beginning of the epidemic to 1,563,000 samples at 400 nucleic acid sampling sites.The city has continued to strengthen COVID-19 vaccination, with a total of 58.636,900 doses and 22.655,600 people vaccinated so far.In terms of medical treatment, the number of negative pressure wards and negative pressure ambulances in The city increased to 1,420 and 197, and all cases were treated in designated municipal hospitals. Patients were treated in isolation in single rooms, and multidisciplinary expert groups conducted collective consultation. Both Chinese and western medicine were paid equal attention to, and the “one person, one policy” diagnosis and treatment plan was implemented to make every effort to improve the treatment effect.”The overall situation of COVID-19 prevention and control in the Capital is under control and improving. We will unswervingly adhere to the general strategy of preventing imported cases and rebounding cases at home, adhere to the general policy of ‘dynamic zero elimination’, tighten responsibility for all parties, and pay equal attention to remote control and regular screening at home,” he said.Local authorities will continue to carry out screening and control of people at risk, strictly implement the policy of returning to And entering Beijing, and strengthen standardized management and service guarantee of centralized medical observation points, lockdown and control areas to prevent the spread of the virus, Wang said.Kunming Press Media Group all media reporters: Wang Shan, Liu Ying, Chen Wenyun, Liu Kaida from Beijing Editor: Bi Qun Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue final: Zhou Jianjun Photo focus more content of the Beijing Winter Olympics ↓↓↓