Construction of makeshift hospital in Nanyang city began

2022-07-27 0 By

This article from: Central Plains melting media would rather be prepared and not used, not ready.According to the construction plan of Henan Makeshift hospital, a makeshift hospital with 2000-3000 beds is planned to be built in Nanyang city.The construction of a makeshift hospital is under way in Nanyang city, capital of Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, March 31, 2019.The project, designed and constructed by Henan Tiangong Construction Group Co., LTD., is expected to take more than 20 days to complete, according to construction personnel on site.Construction began on March 29, when the staff entered the building and materials entered the building in the afternoon of March 30. Reconstruction of the original plant was carried out.After continuous construction day and night, part of the exposed loess ground has been covered with concrete.The construction of concrete floor flattening, water supply and drainage pipeline embedding, leveling and clearing of road surface at entrance and exit, nanyang Makeshift hospital project is under construction.The red banners “Resolutely implement the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control” and “meticulously organize scientific construction around the clock to complete the task on time” highlight the determination of the construction party.On the morning of March 31, the newly established epidemic prevention and control testing site outside the makeshift hospital project in Nanyang city has been put into use, and the management and construction personnel have been registered.At the same time, another gate of the original factory will be reconstructed to set up a special access to the makeshift hospital.It is reported that the nanyang Makeshift hospital has started construction of a total design area of more than 30,000 square meters, can accommodate 2,000 beds, divided into makeshift treatment area, staff dormitory area, catering area and other functional areas.According to the medical treatment idea of “provincial chess game”, the nanyang Makeshift hospital after completion will be used by pingdingshan, Nanyang, Zhumadian and Xinyang.