How about an iPhone12 instead of an iPhone13mini?

2022-07-27 0 By

Bought iPhone13mini, feel the screen is not very comfortable, it is necessary to sell to buy iPhone12?This is a matter of using experience, don’t be impulsive!Maybe the iPhone12’s screen is still too small for it!You can go to an apple store and try out the iPhone12 and iPhone12 promax, or the iPhone13 and iPhone13 promax,Because the iPhone12 and 13, the iPhone13Pro and the iPhone12Pro are all 6.1-inch screens!Maybe you still feel uncomfortable with the small screen in your hand, because in today’s society, our eyesight has been weakened by the long-term use of mobile phones and computers, so it is not so friendly to buy a small screen phone any more!So it’s best to check it out first. If you’re not comfortable with a small 6.1-inch phone, go straight to the larger screen.If Apple doesn’t have a choice, buy an Android or Hongmeng phone.Otherwise buy back to use that is also embarrassing, or need to return!Before, we could not accept the large-screen mobile phone, but under the cultivation of the market, when the large-screen mobile phone became popular, the era of full-screen also came. In fact, the appearance and grip of the whole mobile phone is not much different from the previous 5.5-inch, because the frame is narrow.The previous 5.5 is similar to the current 6.7!The previous 4.7 is similar to 6.1 now.Once I went to an iPhone store and compared the iPhone6s with the iPhone12mini. Unexpectedly, the iPhone12mini is much smaller than the iPhone6s. It is almost the same size as the iPhone12!So now the so-called full screen large screen, is not so big, in the whole hand holding feeling is about the same!Once you’ve tested the iPhone12, you can buy it online or in a store!A few years ago for small screen mobile phone noisy quite a lot of, in fact, these two years said less people!Because of a small screen mobile phone is not necessarily popular because of a small screen mobile phone does not have enough users are been education must adapt to the bigger step by step, at the same time, now so much APP, so many words and images of video news, sometimes some people use cell phones to see split screen, video can achieve is the mobile phone screen develop plan how terror!In particular, apps with split screens and small Windows make the phone more convenient.But for small phones!Split-screen and small Windows are pointless, because the font is too small to read, so it’s better to buy a bigger phone!Moreover, in many functional design aspects, mobile phone manufacturers are also beginning to take care of the experience of large screen, and even launched special functional applications for folding screen, so as to adapt to user groups!Therefore, the pattern of the mobile phone market is different, and the purchase should be considered from the perspective of software experience, and then decide which one to buy?How do you think about this? Welcome to pay attention to my entrepreneur Li Meng and I communicate together!