“I am on duty during the Spring Festival” Jishi Public Security traffic police launched the “Beautiful Village Trip” traffic safety tour publicity activities

2022-07-27 0 By

In order to further strengthen the publicity and education of traffic safety in rural areas, effectively improve the traffic safety awareness and civilized travel awareness of rural traffic participants, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of rural road traffic accidents from the source, juji Village, Juji Town, Jishishan County held the “Rural Vitalization Cup” basketball game on the third day of the first month.Jishishan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade into the basketball court to carry out the “beautiful village trip” traffic safety theme publicity activities, to promote traffic safety laws and regulations, to ensure traffic safety in rural areas.In the activities, the publicity police combined with the characteristics of rural people travel, targeted publicity and education.Inform villagers of the dangers of traffic violations such as unlicensed and unlicensed driving, drunk driving, illegal carrying of people in agricultural vehicles, riding motorcycles and electric vehicles without wearing safety helmets, and warn villagers to resolutely resist dangerous driving behaviors such as drunk driving, speeding, fatigue driving, running red lights, overcrowding and overloading.Effectively enhance the rural people’s awareness of road traffic safety, the rule of law and civilization.At the same time, also issued traffic safety publicity materials for the masses, always remind them to abide by the traffic laws and regulations, do civilized comity, safe driving, strictly prohibit overspeed, overmanned, fatigue driving, tricycle illegal manned road traffic violations, to ensure road traffic safety.