In 1968, thugs stormed the institute and killed 46-year-old yao Tongbin, a two-shot, one-star veteran. What happened

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One day in 1968, the staff of the China Institute of Aerospace Materials were immersed in their busy work as usual, but suddenly, there was a commotion at the gate, and a group of men with sticks rushed in despite the security guards.Before the researchers could react, this group of people suddenly beat the researchers without saying a word, and the instruments and materials on the table were also smashed by them. The scene was very chaotic.Violence scientists side to avoid the beating of this group of people, while also protecting the precious experimental materials on the table, at this time, a middle-aged man was hit by the mob on the head, fell to the ground, this everyone panic, because the fallen man is the director of the institute of materials Yao Tongbin.Yao Tongbin was beaten by the mob, seriously injured, bleeding, we sent him to the hospital, the doctor very sadly told you, it is too late, Yao Tongbin has lost vital signs, this year Yao Tongbin but 46 years old.Everyone felt that the sky was falling when they heard this news. You know, yao Tongbin’s technical direction and the two bombs and one star have a very important relationship. Now Yao Tongbin’s death means that the leader of this project is gone.It is on the cause of national science major damage, quote the public security organs, the case will soon but disappointingly, things finally go away, because at that time, people’s attitude towards intellectuals were dark, like Yao Tongbin, scientists came back from abroad, the many irrational speculation.The assailants, a group of unemployed people on the street, broke into the Institute for Aerospace Materials and attacked it for no reason other than that it was populated by intellectuals they despised.Moreover, they also hold the mentality of the law, innocent Yao Tongbin so died in a gratuitous violence, which makes countless people feel angry.Yao Tongbin is a rare genius scientist, he was born in 1922, the family is not too rich, but Yao Tongbin showed a surprising ability to learn from an early age, it is because he was clever and witty, so his father felt that the child is a material, so he went to school.Yao Tongbin also lived up to his father’s expectations. He was admitted to Southwest Jiaotong University at the age of 17 and was assigned to the National Research Institute with excellent results after graduation, becoming one of the few material research experts in the Republic of China.Several professors in the Institute believed that Yao Tongbin, a new researcher, was not only smart, but also young and promising. However, the educational conditions in China were still limited at that time, so the professors suggested yao Tongbin to strive for the opportunity to study abroad, learn more advanced knowledge, so as to contribute to the motherland in the future.Yao Tongbin try once, if give yourself a chance to make to go study in Britain, the British industry belongs to the world first-class, Yao Tongbin very cherish this chance to learn, at the same time he also determined, after yourself well, must go back to help our country to develop the industry, he sincerely hope that one day China’s industry is able to compete with American and British these powers.In the UK after graduation, Yao Tongbin travel in Europe, and institute in Germany got a well-paid job, Yao Tongbin this name was already in the scientific community is very conspicuous, because he has developed the new material was confirmed that can be applied widely, this means that who got Yao Tongbin patents, who will be more into the next level in the industry.But Yao Tongbin did not think of giving his patent to other countries, he worked so hard to research, what he wanted is nothing more than to serve the motherland.In 1956, while still working in Germany, Yao tongbin submitted his application for party membership through the Embassy and became a Member of the Communist Party.In 1957, Yao Tongbin felt that he had almost finished his studies in Europe. Therefore, without a moment’s hesitation, he packed up and immediately returned to China.Yao Tongbin returned home and was assigned to China’s Space ministry, which at that time was not as rich as today’s space ministry. It could be described as nothing.When Yao Tongbin went, the space Department was almost empty except for a few offices, and there were vast tracts of blank technology. European countries imposed a strict technological blockade on China, and everything we needed, whether it was talent or data, was severely restricted.People have gone and Yao Tongbin came back to our country to add a big power, although nothing, but Yao Tongbin came back, immediately put into work, he wants to make China’s space from scratch.The high-tech materials yao Tongbin studied are one of the most needed things in the space Department. Shortly after returning to China, Yao Tongbin led the students to research the most needed materials in space – high temperature brazing alloy.Later, Yao Tongbin was promoted to the director of the Institute of Aerospace Materials. At that time, as the director of Yao Tongbin’s living conditions were not much better than others, because the whole China was in a difficult period, even if scientists were privileged, they could not lead a life of luxury.Compared with Germany, life here is much worse, but Yao Tongbin enjoys it. He grew up in the old society, and now he is more happy than anything to see China has the ability to self-reliance.He was the director of the institute for nearly ten years and solved more than 500 world-class problems for the aerospace industry. But, to everyone’s surprise, the life of this great scientist was cut short at the age of 46, and the thugs who killed him were still at large.It was not until 1979 that the three men involved in Yao’s murder were arrested after a series of investigations. The main culprit was later sentenced to 15 years in prison and the two accomplices to 12 years.However, even if those thugs died ten thousand times, also can not recover the loss of the country, also can not repay Yao Tongbin’s life.At the age of 46, a scientist is in the golden age of active thinking. If Yao Tongbin had been alive, perhaps the research on space materials would not have encountered so many stumbles. Stupid and vicious thugs thought they just hit a few unimportant people, but they did not know that they almost affected the road of national scientific research.Many years later, the state for the death of Yao Tongbin issued two bullets and one star medal for meritorious service, this medal should have been given to Yao Tongbin himself, this is his life for the country should get the honor.However, people have no time to repay him, he has left the world forever, only he left those fruitful research achievements, still play a role in the future, which can not not make people sigh.