In 1969, when Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries tried to occupy Chinese territory, Chairman MAO turned the international situation around with a war

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With the founding of New China in 1949, the Chinese nation finally bid farewell to war and ushered in peace.However, Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries with ulnerable intentions still tried to carve up China’s territory by violent means, so that In March 1969, China carried out the “Zhenbao Island self-defense counterattack”.Some people say that it was the closest moment to the Third World War, while others say that Chairman MAO successfully reversed the international situation and thwarted the plot of Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States to occupy China’s territory.What the hell is going on here?What was the cause and effect of treasure Island?In the middle and late 19th century, Tsarist Russia forced the Qing Government to sign unequal treaties such as Sino-Russian Aigun Treaty, Sino-Russian Beijing Treaty and Sino-Russian Ili Treaty.The Sino-Russian Aigun Treaty partially forcibly occupied more than 1.5 million square kilometers of land north of Heilongjiang Province and south of Outer Xing ‘an Mountains in China. Even Marx and Engels had condemned their acts of territorial plunder, calling them “shameless bandits”.When the Eight-power Allied Forces invaded China in 1900, they not only looted many precious cultural relics from China, but also forcibly occupied large areas of Chinese territory.Three years after the October Revolution in 1917, Lenin announced on behalf of the Soviet government that a series of treaties signed by Russia and China in the past would be annulled and all the territory occupied by Russia in China would be returned to China.After Lenin’s death, China and the Soviet Union repeatedly negotiated the territorial issue, but Stalin was never willing to return the territory, and even wanted to bring the Three Northeastern provinces under Soviet control.At the end of the second world war, Britain, the Soviet Union and the US even signed the Yalta Agreement, which divvied up their interests in China without China knowing it.For example, the independence of outer Mongolia, the internationalization of Dalian commercial port, the Soviet Union will intervene in the Lushun naval base and so on.In theory, the Yalta Agreement should contain countless parts about China.But Chiang Kai-shek, in order to win over the Soviet Union and the United States, first signed the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance, recognizing the Soviet Union’s illegal rights and interests.Then the U.S. troops landed in domestic ports, which directly gave the Soviet Union and the United States an excuse to interfere in China’s internal affairs, but also made it more difficult for the new China to maintain the integrity of territorial sovereignty.After the founding of new China, Chairman MAO personally went to the Soviet Union to negotiate with Stalin.In the end, except for the independence of Outer Mongolia, which had become an established fact and could not be changed, all the other provisions imposed on China in the Yalta Agreement were abolished, and the Soviet Union also returned changchun Railway and Port Lushun to the hands of New China.Until then, the international situation had been relatively calm, but that changed when Stalin died in 1953 and Nikita Khrushchev came to power.Not only did he withdraw all his experts from China in 1959, but he also struck a deal with US President Dwight Eisenhower to put pressure on China.Although the United States and the Soviet Union agreed, they had different goals.The Soviet Union wanted to intervene in northeast China, while the United States wanted to stand in for Taiwan. The United Kingdom, also a beneficiary of the Yalta Agreement, got the needed benefits in return for its favorable attitude, although it did not come to the end in person.For a time, Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries jointly put pressure on China.The focus of the world is zhenbao Island, a 0.74 square kilometer island in Hulin County, Heilongjiang Province, China.Treasure Island dispute Treasure Island was originally connected with the mainland of China, but later due to river erosion, the connection was submerged by the river, which formed a special island in 1915, because the image is like ancient Gold ingot in China, so it is called Treasure Island.During the dry season, the island is still connected to our land, and the fishermen living around it are all our people, so there is no doubt that the island is our inherent territory.However, the Soviet Union included Zhenbao Island in their territory, so that the Soviet Union and China set up border posts near Zhenbao Island.Soviet soldiers were also known to cause trouble in our patrol areas. From January 1967 to February 1969 alone, the Soviet Union invaded Treasure Island 16 times.Many Chinese border guards were injured in the course of the operation because of the larger number of Soviet troops and the presence of vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft in the border posts.In order to ease sino-Soviet relations and prevent further expansion of the local situation, In late February 1969, China temporarily stopped patrolling the Zhenbao Island area.However, the Soviet Union continued provocations, so on March 1, 1969, China sent a reconnaissance unit to the western end of Zhenbao Island to hide, and on March 2, China’s border guard stations resumed routine patrols of Zhenbao Island.Initially, our soldiers were reluctant to engage in further conflict with the Soviet Union. After all, we have a peaceful and friendly attitude to solve the problem, but the Soviet side is clearly not willing to calm down.Not only did they send more than 70 men to the eastern end of the island to stop the first patrol, but they also sent seven Soviet soldiers to quarrel with the second patrol.The tense situation soon turned into a local conflict, with small scale clashes between China and the Soviet Union.At the beginning, the Soviet side hoped to charge with the help of armored vehicles, but the Chinese border guards had enough artillery on both sides of the river bank to successfully repel the armored vehicles.In the end, our reconnaissance and patrol units charged directly and drove the Soviet troops all the way back into the Soviet Union.In this brief encounter, 20 of our soldiers were killed, while 31 were killed and 14 wounded on the Soviet side.As the Conflict of the Soviet Union has already damaged our territorial sovereignty, so our Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon expressed a strong protest to the Soviet Embassy in China, demanding that the Soviet Union hand over the murderer of this incident.This request is reasonable, but no one expected that the Soviet Union should turn the tables and let the New China account for the Soviet Union.With the Soviets unwilling to admit their mistakes, both sides began massing their troops toward the Ussuri River, and war was imminent.Our country did not want to escalate the conflict with the Soviet Union, but when it comes to territorial sovereignty, Chairman MAO and others made it clear that the new China would not have the slightest step back.If the Soviet Union wants to fight, fight them to the end. For this purpose, Chairman MAO specially mobilized the main forces of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in the surrounding military areas.The Soviet Union, on the other hand, was also ready. It quickly dispatched more than 70 tanks, 150 armored vehicles and 380 artillery pieces, and even sent in tens of thousands of infantry soldiers in an apparent attempt to save face.In order to ensure that everything is safe, the Soviet Union even sent an elite unit to the island latent.What they didn’t realize was that our border troops were aware of this, and arrived on the island before them, so that once the Soviet team arrived on the island, every move was under the control of the border troops.Not knowing if there were any other Soviet troops lurking, the border guards deliberately split off and followed closely behind the Soviet troops.The Soviet army was aware of the traces of border troops shot, their position is also exposed with gunfire, border troops to determine the enemy did not carry out more in-depth lurk, quickly launched a battle with the Soviet army.In order to make a quick decision, the Soviet Side of the emergency mobilization of six armored vehicles, across the ice to the border troops.But the BSF’s elite squad was well prepared, not only to set traps in advance, but also to prepare adequate firepower.After more than an hour of fighting, two of the Soviet armored vehicles were destroyed by the border troops, and the rest of the vehicles and troops rushed back to the other side of the river.After a short break, the Soviets attacked again at 9:46 a.m., apparently realizing the difficulty of the attack, and instead of charging directly, the Soviets tried to break our morale by dropping heavy artillery on Treasure Island.Then the Soviet army sent five armored vehicles, six tanks and a large number of soldiers to launch a frontal assault on Treasure Island.At the same time, the side of Treasure Island and the Soviet army to cover, distracting the attention of the border troops, another 4 tanks around, in an attempt to block the border troops reinforcement route, completely annihilate the people’s Liberation Army stick to treasure Island.However, the Soviet army did not expect that the border troops also installed anti-tank mines on the reinforcement route. One T62 Soviet main battle tank was blown off its tracks, and the rest of the tanks were in a mess. The Soviet union was forced to give up the second island attack.At that time, the T62 main battle tank was just entering service, and it could be said that it contained all the cutting-edge Soviet tank technology.Soviet troops even forced the tank into a frozen lake before withdrawing to prevent the technology from being decrypted by the Chinese.However, the Soviet army’s small trick did not succeed in the end, the T62 main battle tank is still displayed in our country’s museum.After two attacks, the Soviet army suffered heavy losses, but the Soviet army was still unwilling to admit defeat, and launched a third attack at 3 p.m.In the process of this attack, the Soviet union’s direct fire suppression of 10 kilometers, the depth of about 7 kilometers, in addition, the Soviet army also used a large number of armored tanks, the war has entered the most intense, the most brutal stage.For a small island with an area of only 0.74 square kilometers, Chinese and Soviet troops even engaged in hand-to-hand combat amid intense artillery fire.Although both Chinese and Soviet troops suffered heavy casualties, the frontier troops, with the advantage of geography and the strength of the previous two victories, were highly motivated and successfully defeated the Third wave of Soviet attack.The Battle of Treasure Island was over, and the Soviets arrived in a huff and left in disgrace.And the most righteous side of our country has successfully defended our territorial sovereignty, disillusioned by Britain, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries encroached on our territory.After the battle of Treasure Island, the Soviet leadership reacted strongly.Military hardliners represented by Soviet Defense Minister Alexander Grechko even proposed to carry out a “surgical strike” against China by using medium-range ballistic missiles carrying several million tons of nuclear warheads.In addition to military threats, the Soviet Union also wantonly created public opinion in the international arena in a vain attempt to isolate China politically.This battle also directly caused sino-Soviet relations to drop to the freezing point, but for China, zhenbao Island battle was more beneficial than harmful.First, it contributed to the awakening of China’s military industry.In the Battle of Treasure Island, the Chinese army equipped anti-tank weapons, mainly including type 56 rocket launcher, 75mm recoil gun and 85mm cannon, etc., which could not effectively penetrate the frontal armor of T62 tank, which greatly stimulated the development of Chinese tank and anti-tank technology.Soon after, China successively developed the Type 69 rocket launcher, the Type 73 100 mm smoothbore anti-tank gun and the 105 mm recoilless gun.In the 1980s, advanced equipment such as type 86 100mm anti-tank gun and Red Arrow 73 anti-tank missile was officially developed, which made the threat of Soviet T62 tank plummet.It can be said that the Pearl Island conflict exposed a lot of problems, and after solving these problems, China has been in the forefront of the world in terms of relevant technological reserves.Second, the War intentions of the Soviet Union were checked.Before the Battle of Treasure Island, the Soviets thought they were much stronger militarily than our country, but treasure Island really woke them up.It made them aware of the strength of the Chinese military, and also made the Soviet Union raise its evaluation of China and think deeply about the risk of war.After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the end of the Cold War, China and Russia have deepened their relations and eventually become excellent strategic partners.All of these are inseparable from that battle, treasure Island battle not only won in the present, but also won the future.Third, opening up the international landscape is a turning point in the transformation of China-Us relations.Before the battle of Treasure Island, the United States feared that China would join forces with the Soviet Union, putting the United States at a disadvantage in the Cold War.However, after the outbreak of Treasure Island, it was different. In order to draw China together to fight against the Soviet Union, the United States began to take the initiative to break the ice between China and the United States and strengthen the connection between China and other countries in the world.This had an important impact on the establishment of Diplomatic relations between China and its important position in the United Nations.From a personal point of view, the Battle of Jinbao Island with the Soviet Union did not seem to be worth the cost, not only to the military, but also to the economy.However, from a national point of view, whether an independent and sovereign state can rise up against a strong enemy is a very important strategic decision in politics and military.The Battle of Zhenbao Island has given China an answer to the world. At any time, China is not afraid of strong enemies, dares to fight, and has the determination and ability to fight against any strong enemy. China is not willing but also not afraid of making enemies with any country.