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Tianshu, Tianxuan, Phecda, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, shake light seven stars, when the ancestors looked up at the sky, they saw that the seven stars were like the bucket shape of ancient wine scooping, so they got the name Beidou.The Big Dipper appeared in different directions of the sky in different seasons and at different times of the night. Therefore, the ancients decided the seasons according to the direction of the dipper handle at the beginning of darkness: the dipper handle pointed to the east, and the world was spring;Bucket handle guide, the world is summer;Bucket handle refers to the west, the world is autumn;Bucket handle refers to north, the world is winter.Beidou has become the maker of the order of heaven and earth. Spring, summer, autumn harvest and winter storage all seem to follow the direction of beidou. Beidou has become the center of the evolution of all things in the world.The “24 Solar terms” was originally defined by the point at the top of the big Dipper handle. The handle starts from Yin position and rotates clockwise. When the handle points to b position, the celestial phenomenon enters the Qingming Period.”Huainan Son astronomical training” cloud: “15 days after the vernal equinox, the bucket refers to b, the qingming wind.””A Hundred Questions at the Age of Age” said: “All things grow at this time, all clean and bright.Hence the qingming Festival.”Qingming three pentads: “a hou Tong Shihua;The second rat becomes a ðThree rainbow only see.”Qingming is the only solar term and festival among the 24 solar terms.Before and after qingming melon beans swallow came to the new agency, pear behind qingming.This is the Qingming Festival as a solar term.Rain falls heavily during Qingming festival, and passers-by are dying on the road.It is known as the Qingming Festival.As a solar term of qingming, the sky is clear and clear, everything is full of vitality, everything is happy.As the festival of qingming, there is drizzle as a needle, miss such as silk, miss old people all heart has qi.Qingming solar term, temperature warming, increased rainfall, it is a good season for spring ploughing and spring planting.As a sign of time series, qingming has long been known by the ancients and has been clearly recorded since the Han Dynasty.So qingming was an important solar term for ancient agricultural production.There is a proverb that goes “Before and after qingming, plant melons and beans” and “plant trees, not qingming”.Because qingming is very important for farming, there are many proverbs about it.”After qingming meal, sunny and rain went out.””Qingming grass, sheep eat.””Qingming before and after wheat pregnant, grain rain before and after wheat awn.””Qingming seedling, start of Summer seedlings, small heat spike, great heat valley.””Eastern Han Dynasty” four people month order “records:” Tomb-sweeping Day, silkworm concubine, silkworm house.It means that silkworm breeding starts from this solar term.In the arrangement of the Three months of the lunar calendar, almost all of them are about farming and weaving.There are also proverbs that describe the characteristics of the climate, such as “Snow breaks at Qingming Festival, and frost breaks at grain rain.For the qingming snow, there are now a lot of people are in doubt, after all, in the recent ten years, the solar calendar in April, the lunar calendar in March snow or some.In fact, in meteorology, qingming snow, refers to not snow, but no snow, that is, the ground is no longer easy to form snow.Jinnan area in my province as the origin of the solar term area snow melt in the awakening of Insects season, the latest snow around April 10 will melt.And the so-called “cut off” is not “rare”, but “extinct”.Most crops survive and grow without snow or frost.This sentence tells farmers that the snow has completely melted and will not cause fatal damage to spring crops.Snow is not, snow is not necessarily, so the proverb has “March peach snow, all kinds of fruit harvest is not much”.Even in the ditty sing: “Do day difficult to do April day, silkworm to mild wheat to cold.Vegetable planting brother to rain, mulberry to dry beds.”Qingming, such a warm and cold weather, the weather is changeable, people’s mood is also cloudy and sunny, farmers summed up a large number of proverbs to manage life, more than half of the poets depicted spring picture scrolls and inner thoughts.As one of the 24 solar terms, Qingming is the only one that has developed into a folk festival.There are three main days for ancestor worship in Shanxi: Qingming Festival, July and half, and October Day.In the past, large families had ancestral halls, or temples, and ancestor worship was generally completed in the ancestral halls. People could only go to the burial site to offer sacrifices to the tomb once a year, generally on the Tomb-sweeping Day. When did the custom of visiting the tomb sweeping Day begin?Gu Zhangsi, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, said in his Records of the Local Wind: Tomb sweeping day, from the beginning of cold food to the day before grain rain.To determine the tomb sacrifice, began in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.The Book of old Tang dynasty records that in the twenty years of Kaiyuan dynasty, he gave orders to scholars and ordinary people: “For a family, it is appropriate to go to the tomb, and it is compiled into five rituals, which will always be a regular pattern.” The government recognized the popular custom of sweeping tombs on the Cold Food Festival, and promulgated it as a ritual system, and followed it.Although this ritual was promulgated and implemented during the Reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, it was not a custom in some places until the Song Dynasty.Su Dongpo once had “Hainan people do not make cold food, and above the third tomb……””In the poem, there is a sentence:” Under lu Men Mountain de Gong back “, which can be seen in the Han Dynasty, but until the Song Dynasty, Hainan area did not have this custom, still above the third festival as tomb sweeping day.Shangsi festival is a more ancient festival, originated from the ancient activities of witchcraft sacrifice to god.Mention the Cold Food Festival, which originated in Shanxi Province in honor of Jie Zitui.In the Spring and Autumn Jin has been promoted by the government, gradually into the custom.And with the expansion of jin territory, customs also with the migration of people, continuous spread.However, the climate difference between north and south of the Sanjin land is larger.Jin Wengong’s quwo area, the Cold Food Festival has spring, and the higher dimension of the place, spring has not arrived.The most important part of the Cold Food Festival is to break the fire, because people can’t use fire, so they can only eat cold rice, which has a certain impact on people in high latitude areas, so it was banned for a period of time, and then reformed.It is recorded in The Book of The Later Han · Biography of Zhou Ju that when Zhou Ju was governor of The prefecture, “the scholars and people have cold food in mid-winter and often in January, all of them are old and normal, and many of them die at the age of eight.”Seeing this, Zhou Ju personally offered a memorial to Jie zitui. “It was written as a memorial letter to build the temple of Jie Zitui. It said that the fire would be destroyed in the middle of winter and people’s lives would be damaged.According to this historical data, during the Han Dynasty, the Cold Food Festival lasted for a month. People ate cold food for a month, which was really bad for their health and many people died.In han Dynasty, Bingzhou was roughly equivalent to today’s Taiyuan, Changzhi, Yangquan, Xinzhou, Shuozhou, Datong and other places, almost all of which were in high latitude areas. During this period of cold Food Festival, these areas were still in the heating period, and the month-long cold food would really kill you.Later, in The Three Kingdoms Period, Cao Cao did not approve of eating cold food.He said, Wu Zixu jumped into the river, wu people did not say not to touch the water, why jie Zitui was burned to death, people will eat cold food.”And north debater cold land, old and young weak, will be unbearable.”So ordered not cold food, “if the offender, the parents half a year of punishment, the Lord official one hundred days of punishment, make long take January salary.”This order directly rose to the level of punishment, perhaps this is the beginning of the shortening of the cold Food Festival from a whole month to three days.By the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Cold Food Festival was officially recognized and became an official holiday.And because it is right next to the Qingming Festival, the cold Food holiday is associated with the Qingming Festival.”Tang Hui” records, “(Kaiyuan) February 11, 24 hours: cold food, Qingming festival, four days for the holiday.To the 13th lunar February 15 rescheduling: since now, cold food pass qingming holiday for five days.”According to the book in yuan he years of the “Tang Dynasty new book of good or bad luck instrument”, and become “cold food pass qingming holiday for seven days”.In the Tang Dynasty, the Cold Food Festival was connected with the Qingming Festival, and there was already a seven-day holiday.Statutory holidays, then, are the best way to keep a holiday alive.The Song dynasty basically followed the Tang system, but already combined cold Food with Qingming.”Tokyo Menghualu” contains: Tomb-sweeping day, the ordinary Beijing teachers to one hundred and five days after the winter solstice for the great cold food, the previous day called cooking cooked, with noodles made jujube occlusion flying swallow, wicker string, inserted in the lintel, called the son push yan.Ji children, more is the top of the sun.The third day of cold eclipse, namely qingming Day.Use this day to visit all new graves…Ban in the first half of the first half of the palace people che Ma Chao Ling, clan south near relatives, also sent attainments zhu Ling Enjoy the record, from the people are purple shirt white silk sanjiaozi green line entanglement, all department official to……The ordinary people in the door, paper horse shop in the street are folded into the shape of a pavilion……Since then, three days, all leave the city to go to the grave, but the hundred and fifth day is the most prosperous.Tomb-sweeping has been along the custom since then.At the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, the area of southern Shanxi tomb sweeping often began ten days before the Tomb-sweeping day.It is generally before the Qingming festival to the family as a unit, each sweep the graves of each;Qingming day on the collective temple worship.The offerings are usually paper, fruits and vegetables, steamed buns, wine, etc. After the sacrifice, it is a grand family gathering, to talk about family love and enjoy the spring scenery.Fly a kite swing live up to spring as a week long holiday in ancient times, do not give birth to some interesting customs, are sorry for this idle seven days, and spring just, grass tender flowers mei.”Inserting willow” “flying kites” “planting trees” “eating qingming eggs” “account for the age” “worship silkworm god”, as well as pure entertainment activities, such as “swinging” “cock-fighting” “Cuju” and so on, is also full of patterns, and the spring together rippling.However, these customs are gradually enriched through continuous evolution, some customs in the process of evolution also gradually lost, not every place there are these festival customs.In the northern area, qingming festival and swing festival, shows the swing this activity is extensive.Swing, the earliest is not used for entertainment games, but from the daily life of our ancestors.In ancient times, people created swinging activities in climbing in order to get food from high places.It was first called “Qianqiu”, legend for the Spring and Autumn Period in the north of the Mountain rong nationality created.At first it was just a rope, swinging with both hands.Later to emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, the palace to “qianqiu” as a birthday word, in order to avoid taboo, “Qianqiu” two words reversed into “swing”.Swing, originally is mainly a woman’s game, has been popular in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, since the Tang Dynasty is prevailing in the north and South.Tang Dynasty Ouyang Xun editor-in-chief “yi Wen type ju” contained: “The north mountain rong, cold food swing for play”.Later, the swing became a popular game for concubines in the palace.Ming Liu Ruoyu in its “drink in the annals” mentioned qingming said: Qingming, swing section also.This solar term, the palace of kun Ning palace and the palace to place a swing, for the concubines swing use.In ancient times, women were subject to more constraints, so why swinging such a thing can never be criticized, and still get support in the palace backyard, also related to this activity has a health effect.The ancients said, “Playing a swing does not hurt.”Swing, can make the little waist activities open at ordinary times, the body with the swing back and forth, in between the forward and backward state of rapid change, in this way, can coordinate the balance of the body, make the waist by repeated stimuli in the rapidly changing, abdominal muscle contraction, to relax, imperceptibly increases the waist abdomen strength.In this respect, swinging does help to prevent back pain.When swinging, while constantly overcoming tension and fear, it can also enhance psychological endurance and self-control. In the case of limited limbs and head, skeletal muscle contracts and relaxes rhythmically, which is conducive to the increase of muscle fiber volume.At least 20 years ago in the campus, still often can see a swing swing to swing, now in the city, there has been very little swing this device, the park is more often do inverted movement of the people, perhaps the health effect is also some, but no longer play the fun of the swing, appear dull.Qingming festival, there is another popular activity, that is flying kites.”Children sanxue return early, busy while dongfeng put kite”.There has always been, and still is, a dream of flying in the heart of man.”Mozi is a wood kite, made in three years, but destroyed in one day.”;”Nagisa Palace” recorded that Lu Ban “tasted wood kite and took it to see the Song City”;”Taiping Imperial Review” said zhang Heng made a wooden bird, and decorated the bird with feathers, belly set mechanism, can fly several miles.Eastern Han Dynasty CAI Lun paper, “wood kite” gradually less, “paper kite” increase.About to the five dynasties period, Ming Chen Yi “Ruminatu · kite” contained: “Five Dynasties Li Ye in the palace for kite, lead wind play.Hou Yu headkite, bamboo as flute, so that the wind into bamboo, such as Ming Zheng, hence the name kite.”Hence the name kite.Before the Tang Dynasty, kites were generally regarded as a tool for military functions such as surveying and communication.After the Tang Dynasty, the military function of kites gradually disappeared and became an entertainment activity.Eunuchs in the Court of tang Dynasty hung lanterns on kites and put them into the sky at night for viewing.Song people make a kite to fly in the sky, so that people cheer.Song Dynasty “continued history of natural history” said: “today’s paper luan, lead and up, so that children look around, to drain internal heat.”Kite can health treatment of the view began to appear, that children flying kites help to clear heat and defeat fire;To the Qing Dynasty, Fucha Dunchong “Yanjing Invention record” mentioned: “children put in the air, the most clear eyes.”Flying kites helps to protect your eyesight and helps to clear your eyes.People have the psychology of seeking benefits and avoiding harm. When flying kites has the most practical benefits for human health, it naturally derives the implication of eliminating disasters and dispelling diseases.Otherwise, in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, when we wanted to go to the Grand View garden to fly kites, Daiyu also said to “let bad luck”.When her kite went with the wind, everyone immediately said, “Miss Lin’s ribs are all gone.” They also cut the wires with scissors and watched their kites disappear into the air.These occasional situations often suddenly upset people’s beautiful mood, and in order to keep the mood is still beautiful, so there is a mouth color culture, many beautiful meanings.Qingming small long holiday, flying kites, like sister Lin to go bad luck, let those disasters ah disease ah, go with the wind.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: