Police rushed to save people’s lives

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China lanzhou net on March 28 news on March 25 in the afternoon, the word stone mountain community residents kang with side has a “people’s public security for the people, the danger of truth” with the words of zhang ye road into the city public security bureau police station, thank Chen Hongming, auxiliary police Hou Zhao, police Ren Honggang in his family became very ill help from the crisis.At 7:00 PM on March 15th, Chen Hongming and his colleagues received a phone call when they were on duty in the police station. The caller was extremely anxious and said that his mother had a heart attack and was in critical condition. All the 120 ambulances were out to perform first-aid tasks and could not arrive at that time, so the police needed to send her to the hospital urgently.After asking the specific address, Chen Hongming, Hou Zhao, Ren Honggang three people immediately drove the police car to open the police lights, sounded the siren only 2 minutes to get to the arrow lane where the alarm is in the family courtyard.Mother arrived at the scene, police people has been family back downstairs and patient breathing difficulties, heart, very afflictive, Chen Hongming and others did not dare to neglect, draw the patient all the way to go fast, race against time, less than 5 minutes will be patient to Maryland 2 hospital, and to help the family to advance to the emergency center medical personnel emergency rescue after turned to leave.A few days ago, police Officer Chen Hongming was on duty at the nucleic acid testing site of Shanzishi community when he met a volunteer caller Named Jiang. Chen Hongming asked about his mother’s condition with concern. Jiang said gratefully:”Thanks to the speed of your police and squad cars, my mother was rescued in time. The doctors diagnosed a heart attack. Even the doctors said a few minutes later my mother’s life would have been very uncertain.”Kang held Chen’s hand and thanked him. Chen answered, “It’s all for the son of man. As long as he is safe, we will be relieved.”On March 25, the mother of the police officer was discharged safely after hospitalized treatment. Jiang’s heart was completely relieved. In order to express his gratitude to Chen Hongming and other auxiliary police officers, he made a banner and sent it to the police station to praise the police speed of Zhangye Road.Full media reporter Yi Xiaoming, Special correspondent Feng Zhonghai, Lanzhou Daily Editor: Liu Zhen