Principal Xue Baoku of Jilin Jiangcheng Middle School visited the frontline staff during the Spring Festival

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On January 31, 2022, the 29th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar, jiangcheng was decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, filled with a festive atmosphere.Principal Xue Baoku of Jilin Jiangcheng Middle School led the school leaders to visit the staff and staff who stick to the front line and have difficulties during the Spring Festival.In the guard room of the school, Principal Xue Baoku shook hands with the staff and sent them his New Year’s greetings.He said that in the past year, Jiangcheng Middle School has achieved leapfrog development, which is inseparable from everyone’s hard work and hard work, and he expressed heartfelt thanks to the majority of staff fighting in the front line.I hope you will continue to carry forward the school motto of jiangcheng Middle School, “Unremitting self-improvement, pursuit of excellence”, make persistent efforts and make further achievements in the New Year.On New Year’s Eve, Principal Xue Baoku led the school leaders to the home of the staff living in difficulties, and sent gifts and condolence money for the Spring Festival, as well as care and warmth.”How is it going?””Are there any difficulties in life?”At the home of liu Zhiqiang, a staff member who was trapped due to illness, Principal Xue Baoku had a detailed understanding of Liu zhiqiang’s illness, rehabilitation and living conditions, asked about the difficulties in his life, and fully recognized his diligent and conscientious work in Jiangcheng Middle School for many years.Liu Zhiqiang is the school logistics staff, because of illness to leave the post for a long time, but The principal xue and principal Zhang care about it as before, every festival will send condolences, and advance for its medical expenses.Headmaster Xue’s benevolence touched master Liu and his family, as well as every middle school student in Jiangcheng.Before leaving, President Xue also told Liu Zhiqiang to build up confidence, cheer up, take care of illness, strive for a complete recovery, and sent to its holiday wishes.Condolences to the Spring Festival, warm the heart, the kind care of school leaders, the faculty of warm a line, is also a hard worker, warm warm as the river middle school every faculty, staff, believe in “feelings”, as a bear, a temperature, under the guidance of benevolence educator Xue Baoku principal river middle school all faculty, required the virtue of benevolence, solid education,Casting the spirit of dedication, tree the wind of The Times, do the people’s satisfaction with education, and achieve a better future for students.(Recorder: Shi Lian) Responsible Editor: Ding Yuan