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Throughout the mainland film and TV drama market in recent years, if there is a genre that can always occupy a place, then Sweet pets must be one of the most representative, because sweet fantasy has always been part of the audience’s demand.However, the “hot trend” of the production end leads to the increasingly obvious phenomenon of homogenization of content, and “sweet pet drama” has gradually fallen into the pattern of a lack of creative inspiration and new ideas. How to make this theme from inside and outside the “comprehensive renewal” is a difficult problem in front of the industry.Recently, by penguin film, drama wave film and television jointly produced the city sweet pet drama “about Love 2” ended, the series development on the basis of the first, and realized the linkage with other works.If we systematically sort out and review the content creation mode of About Love 2, we can find that its logical and coherent attempts in the two dimensions of “depth” and “expansion” in the creation field of sweet pet dramas are of great reference value.01 Dig into the brand value of idol IP, connect the feeling of super type sweet pet drama with social reality For the sweet pet drama featuring emotional selling points, the most important thing is to build the brand of core CP.For the producer, how to create the strong CP attribute of the drama is the top priority;For the audience, with the acceleration of content consumption upgrading, updating and iteration, the demand for CP service from business to after-sale is getting higher and higher, and the solutions provided by Jilang may have certain reference value.Adapted from a novel IP “is about love,” tells the story of YunMa group President WeiQing with lovely female zhou is energetically, the love story between the well after 18, at the end of reaction, become a dark horse in the annual show in the market, play wave, film and television aims at a time to buy on IP shape already forming expand is about love, to the overall optimization of drama,The original cast was assembled to create “About Love 2” with content continuity.As soon as “About Love 2” was broadcast, the De Tavin Daily business index realized a rapid rise, and the peak of the index basically overlapped with the update date, showing a strong audience stickiness.As a small-budget drama, “About Love 2″ also ranked in the top 10 of the Devon TV Business Index daily by virtue of its story content and topic, achieving better broadcast performance and higher return rate compared with other dramas within the same budget range.”Superbad” on its existing heat, so deep to IP development train of thought is the creation of the “love is about 2” starting point, in series with the grand view of the linear or forensic, social drama to the central to see, show the wave film applied it in the depth of the sweet pet show IP development, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study.Such in-depth exploration not only effectively realizes the extension and further promotion of the brand value of idol IP, but also has certain forward-looking features and is easier to gain market recognition.According to data from De Tavin, words such as “strong comeback”, “original cast” and “upgrade” have become popular words in the public opinion of About Love 2, proving that Jilang’s accurate control of the core value of the brand in the sequel creation has become an important reason to attract audiences.In addition to bringing the original cast together and making the story more exciting, About Love 2 takes a deeper look at the story’s meaning.To some extent, idol dramas break the thinking pattern of “love is the end”. They not only focus on showing the variables in the growth of characters’ personalities in intimate relationships, but also concretely show the hot topics in the current society and trigger the audience to think about these problems.For example, the drama focuses on the emotional trend of the three main CP lines to unfold the narrative of spicy realistic problems such as family gap, long-distance love, Platonic love, and the mode of husband and wife getting along. It not only tells the story of sweet love and love, but also shows the humanistic thinking of the creative team, connecting the plot content with reality.At the same time, the drama naturally integrates suspense, art and other humanistic emotions, and many creative elements different from love, which is a creative exploration of super type TV series.02 expand IP feeder reshape the strategic pattern of customized content service strategy audience tastes for the audience, if the same IP in the subsequent creation can only maintain the original setting, the watch the interest will be used up sooner or later, how develops the new route for the audience tastes, provide more targeted audience, the content of the customized service is worth thinking about.About Love 2 focuses on this problem and chooses to deeply explore IP branch lines. The diversified expansion of each branch task also marks the extension and enrichment of IP brand value horizontally.The launch of multi-line tasks is accompanied by a certain interest, the Internet users found that the same drama wave produced by the ancient costume fantasy light comedy “The Girl who saw the Fate” six leading role names and “About Love” series have a subtle relationship, and after the end of “About Love”,Play option for three groups of CP respectively custom costume, the republic of China, modern conceptual pilot forecast as a “love is about 2” official propaganda material, reminiscent of costume piece the girl see the fate of the new line set of “coincidence”, “about love” material content and audience fans exist a certain correlation between public opinion,Such a forward-looking layout undoubtedly brings the audience a surprise puzzle version, but also in the highly competitive market environment to achieve the series matrix collaborative warfare.”About love” series consists of Cai Yijia and Yang Xinying “film” in the CP by audience, play wave and on this basis, carved out a new story, two people cooperation sketch the President abused I hundreds of times “is about love 2” broadcast to borrow for effective linkage between the series and accurate content marketing, implement the relay in broadcast node,Maximize the influence of IP content to achieve effective diversion for the series.On the basis of the original IP content, jilang innovatively put forward the “one chicken four eat”, “President abused me thousands of times” and “The Girl who Saw fate” two dramas with different styles and contents are vivid practice of this development idea. Its horizontal expansion of IP branch content has shaped a higher strategic pattern.From the current broadcast response of “About Love 2” and “The President abused me thousands of times”, IP content branch expansion can be based on the previous experience, to do a more refined polish to the existing content, to achieve drive quantity and quality, with the EXTENSION of IP source “The Girl who Saw fate” is also worthy of attention.03 expand IP feeder reshape the strategic pattern of customized content service strategy audience tastes “about love” can do “four eat a chicken”, cannot leave its IP itself attribute on the variability and plasticity, allows creators around multiple “reach” the content of the diversification of extension, and show the wave “four eat a chicken” development model is put forward and not brain-dead decision,It is an inevitable and optimal choice under the influence of both inside and outside driving after in-depth observation of the internal and external environment of the industry and accumulation of a lot of practice and experience in the field of film and television content creation.Among them, the inner drive is the artistic pursuit and practical operation control of content creation.For IP derivative works, the audience culture without starting from 0, based on IP form attract quantity guaranteed “repeat”, at the same time to give the audience the newness is probably in the promotion of the “shortcut” to a certain extent, but for film and television works, the most important is always content quality, standard level of content creation does not exist any more “shortcut” to speak of.From the law and trend of industry development, it is not the actor popularity, topic speculation and other gimmicks that determine how far a work can go, but the stable control of content quality by the producer is often the key to ensure the continuation of reputation, so as to make the series in an unconquerable position.For drama wave, exquisite quality is the premise of the series to the public, in the creation of innovation and change, to explore the depth and breadth at the same time, but also on the content of the reputation of careful maintenance, in the long run, we can make “drama wave” two words become a golden sign in the film and television drama.And the external drive of “one chicken four eat” is the demand of the internal and external environment of the market.First of all, the mainland film and television drama market is huge, how to accurately find their target audience is a required course for small budget dramas. Secondly, the audience’s requirements for content are gradually increasing, for films and TV dramas, not only to watch the fun, but also to look at the meaning and connotation.On the first level, jolang tries to capture the broad audience with high-quality content in the creation process, but also achieves accurate docking with differentiated content output and vertical audience.Take About Love 2 as an example, the data shows that it has more than 75% female audience, showing a more balanced audience of age than ordinary idol dramas. Meanwhile, the sinking attribute of second-tier, third-tier, fourth-tier and fifth-tier cities is particularly prominent, and it achieves special attacks while casting a wide net.In the creative conception and connotation of the show level, wave drama, film and television give full play to the film and television works to take is to the people, the use of is to the people, positive social attribute, considering the sweet pet show for the audience, especially young viewers may produce important influence on spiritual life, show the wave in the drama creation positive positive energy, shoulder the social responsibility of the film and television content creators the,At the same time, we strive to provide the audience with high-quality works, but also hope to realize the real education in the form of film and TV play “music”.In fact, this kind of internal and external double drive is not only for drama wave, but also a common industry phenomenon in the current drama market. Therefore, the content creation mode of “one chicken, four eat” has a certain reference significance in the industry, and has the potential to become the mainstream trend.At present, the waves, film and television play IP derivative strategies have begun to pay off, the overall trend positive momentum, it will be shaped, word of mouth good IP achieve benefit maximization to try and operation, no doubt about the sweet pet market produced by the other party has the reference significance, I also more looking forward to in such a mode to explore the creation,The sweet pet drama market of mainland film and television can continue to set off the second and third round of “drama wave”, and promote the mainland film and television drama market to continue to bloom.Writing: Nana coordinating editor: Su Qinde tower, science and technology, film and television data monitoring | to environmental scanning solutions | competition propaganda strategy consulting copyright statement: DE tower, film and television media, is committed to publishing original video data interpretation and watch the film and television market, reprint please indicate the source and the author, the public, to apply for reprint please leave a message at the end of the article.De Tawen list algorithm design, layout design and the copyright of the original content of the public account are all owned by De Tawen Technology, please do not pirate, piracy will be prosecuted.