Singer Natto Nado returned to B station, the song will be arranged, fans call straight: Ye Qing back!

2022-07-27 0 By

I believe you should know that live broadcasting is very popular in recent years, so there are many gods in the live broadcasting industry, including singers.In order to live sing, you must have a high standard, so the anchors who can become popular by singing are all excellent and have a unique voice, including Natto. As a top anchor, she not only looks sweet, but also has a high popularity, so she has become a real force of B station.Before, due to the incomplete planning of the major broadcast segments of STATION B, Natto also went to other platforms.In fact, Natto can be popular, mainly because her singing skills are really good, after all, the audience like singing anchor, singer requirements are very high, so Natto’s singing is also one of the existence.What’s interesting is that people who often watch B station miss Natto’s voice, because she is really a treasure singer.Recently, Natto announced that they will return to B station and hold concerts, which has excited many fans. Who can resist such heavenly sounds?The number of people who like Natto is growing.Now the live broadcast of STATION B is getting better and better, which has attracted the attention of many star anchors, especially LPL star players we are familiar with, as well as some powerful anchors, who have joined station B.Because of this reason, Natto also decided to return to B station, after all, there are many fans miss him before, and natto after returning, I believe that the popularity will be more and more high, because she has accumulated many loyal fans before, which is also the reason why everyone loves her.It is worth mentioning that Natto is also a professional musician who graduated from Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Since her debut, she has always been committed to music, so her singing is also full of unique charm, which is the reason why we like her.Natto has also achieved good results in its continuous efforts, which is worthy of our support.Especially after we saw the propaganda of natto return, sweet and lovely appearance, very tempting voice, let a lot of small partners said: is the taste of youth.All in all, natto has become a well-known singer in her own right, and she will bring a concert when she returns to B station this time.And many fans are really excited at the thought of listening to Natto sing one song after another, especially the classic group “Da Dao Su Dou”, these are good memories for many people.Natto will also be on February 5th, b station live, interested partners do not miss the next wonderful, what do you think?