The immortality of the outbreak The police don’t refund | moment disease control and prevention safety alert in xishuangbanna public security organ

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Recently, The Jinuo police Station of Jinghong City Public Security Bureau organized a demonstration of the process of wearing and taking off isolation clothes to further enhance the self-protection awareness of police and auxiliary police and enhance their personal safety protection ability.In the video, the narrator explains the specific details of “putting on and taking off protective clothing”, such as preparation of objects, washing steps, putting on and taking off steps, precautions and disinfection steps.The Forest Police Brigade of menghai County Public Security Bureau organized all auxiliary police officers to watch a video on epidemic prevention and control and conduct a drill on epidemic prevention and control emergency response.During the teaching, the novel Coronavirus characteristics, symptoms and protective knowledge, as well as how to correctly wear masks, put on and take off protective suits, were mainly introduced, so that the auxiliary police could have a deeper understanding of the importance of personal protection and master the standard operation steps.After the teaching, the battalion organized all auxiliary police to conduct a drill on epidemic prevention and control, including seven-step hand-washing, protective clothing, waste disposal, and disposal of suspects involved in the epidemic.Mohan Police Station of Mengla County Public Security Bureau has taken four measures to ensure the lives, health and safety of all auxiliary police officers and the people under their jurisdiction.Temperature detection points should be set up at the gate of the police station, and full-time personnel should be arranged to scan codes and register people coming in and out every day.Carry out comprehensive disinfection of the office area;Make a regular inventory of existing epidemic prevention materials, and register and manage those exported and consumed every day.All auxiliary police were gathered together twice a day to have their body temperature checked and registered, and nucleic acid tests were conducted regularly to strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention.Source | State Public Security Bureau news Office editor | Xie Danyang, Yang Simin, Yang Jingru audit | Zhang Yu