The time of the college entrance examination is decided this year, make admission notice to the university to put forward a requirement!

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The national college entrance examination, or GAOKAO, will be held from 9 am to 11:30 am on June 7, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE).15:00 to 17:00 math.June 8 9:00-11:30 Liberal Arts/Science Synthesis;15:00 to 17:00 foreign language, if there is a foreign language listening test, it should be arranged before the written language test.Each province (district, city) examination subject name and the national unified examination subject name must be the same as the national unified examination time arrangement.The time of the provincial unified examination and the time of the college entrance examination shall be determined and issued by the provincial admission committees and colleges and universities according to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education.Colleges and universities should adhere to the principle of simplicity and economy when making admission letters, and avoid extravagance and waste.To strengthen the management of secondary schools, teachers and other relevant subjects, it is strictly prohibited to publicize and hype the “Top scorer in the college entrance examination”, “good news in the college entrance examination”, “college entrance examination rate”, “high score candidates” and so on.We will further improve and standardize the release of gaokao scores and college admission scores, and resolutely reverse the practice of simply evaluating students based on gaokao scores and colleges based on admission scores.According to the talent selection requirements of colleges and universities and the national curriculum standards, optimize the presentation of test questions, strengthen the examination of key abilities and disciplinary literacy, and guide to reduce the phenomenon of rote memorization and “mechanical brush questions”.Taking into account factors such as the number of students, admission opportunities and school conditions, we will rationally arrange the national enrollment cooperation plan to support the central and western regions, and give preference to the central and western regions and the major provinces where students take part.Local governments should coordinate and coordinate their policies for applying for the middle and high school entrance exams, work with relevant departments to make thorough checks in advance, and strengthen category-based guidance in light of different circumstances to ensure that eligible children of migrant workers and other non-household employees who live with them can take the exams locally.For the examinees who do not meet the entry requirements for special reasons, the admission committees of provincial colleges and universities in the entry places should take the initiative to coordinate the outflow places to deal with them prudently, and return to the outflow places to participate in the college entrance examination in principle.We will work with relevant departments to strictly examine candidates’ household registration, school status and actual attendance, and severely crack down on “gaokao immigration”.All localities should strengthen the batch management of college enrollment, and should not arbitrarily arrange the batch enrollment of ordinary majors to advance batch enrollment of undergraduate students.Colleges and universities should standardize the management of enrollment publicity, and the expression of enrollment advertisements or publicity should be rigorous and standardized. They should not use derogatory, exaggerated, vulgar or other inappropriate language or means to carry out enrollment publicity, and they should not compete for students by means of high scholarships or illegal admission promises.Source: Ministry of Education website