Why was Wu Qi killed by the Chu people when he helped the king of Chu to reform the law and made chu strong?

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Wu Qi was a famous military strategist in ancient China. He and Sun Wu were called “Sun Wu”, but wu Qi’s end was very sad.During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), Wu Qi came to the state of Chu and was appointed by the King of Chu. He began to reform the state of Chu, which greatly increased chu’s national strength.Wu Qi was supposed to be a powerful man of Chu. However, after the death of The King of Chu, Wu Qi was shot by chu nobles at the funeral.So, why will the general Wu Qi die tragically?Wu Qi was a native of the State of Wei. In his early years, he studied Confucianism under the guidance of Zeng Shen, the son of Zeng Shen.Later, Wu Qi’s mother died of illness, but Wu Qi did not return to the hometown for the funeral, which aroused zeng Shen’s dislike, and he broke off the relationship with Wu Qi.From then on wu Qi began to learn the art of war and became an official in the state of Lu.Later, there was a war between The state of Qi and The state of Lu. Duke Yuan of Lu wanted to appoint Wu Qi as general, but Wu Qi’s wife was from the state of Qi. In order to gain the trust of Duke Yuan of Lu, Wu Qi killed her.After leaving Lu, Wu Qi went to The state of Wei and was appointed by Marquis Wen of Wei.In the subsequent war with the state of Qin, Wu Qi performed very well and defeated the qin army. He also set up Xihe Prefecture and let Wu Qi hold the seat to resist qin and Han.According to the records, when Wu Qi was in charge of xihe river, “he fought seventy-six vassals, won sixty-four of them, and the rest of them were defeated by jun”. “He opened up land on all sides and opened up thousands of miles of land.After Marquis Wen died, Marquis Wu ascended the throne. He believed slanders and slanders and was forced to leave the state of Wei.Two, Wu Qi reform chu King first let Wu Qi as wan Cheng shou, a year later let him serve as Yin.With the support of The King of Chu, Wu Qi carried out a drastic reform in chu.Wu Qi carried out a number of policies, such as “the Ming Court review decree, the donation of not urgent officials, the abolition of the alienated gongzu, in order to raise the combatants”.In other words, Wu Qi elaborated the decrees, then dismissed idle officials, abolished privileges that alienated the nobles, and actively trained the army.After several years of reform, chu’s national strength was enhanced. “The south was quite strong, and there were dongting and Cangwu in the south.” Then chu engaged in a war with the State of Wei and won the war.In 381 BC, The king of Chu Died of illness. Wu Qi was besieged by his royal officials. He went to the place where The king was buried and fell on the body of The king.Unexpectedly, these royal officials shot arrows at Wu Qi. “Those who shot at Wu Qi stabbed him and mourned for the king.”The death of Wu Qi Then the question arises. Why did Wu Qi develop such a deep hatred with the nobles of chu?It turned out that before Wu Qi’s reform, the nobles of Chu were very powerful.The main posts of the State of Chu, such as the Yin and sima, were almost controlled by aristocrats.At the same time, chu also had a large number of “titles”.In the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, although each country had a vassal, the state of Chu had the largest number of vassals. These vassals not only had their own fiefs, but also monopolized the senior positions of the state of Chu, which affected the stability of the state of Chu.During the reign of King Dao of Chu, the power of vassals reached its peak. “There were too many vassals and vassals”. These people “forced the Lord from above and abused the people from below”.At this time, the states of Qi, Han, Zhao and Wei were full of vigor and vitality as they competed for reform. However, The state of Chu was powerless in foreign wars due to the problem of the old nobles.In order to strengthen the monarchy and revive the state of Chu, King Dao of Chu came to the throne and asked for talented people. He finally met Wu Qi and appointed him to reform the state.Wu Qi offended too many of the old nobles and was eventually killed after the death of his “umbrella”, King Dao of Chu.References: 1. Shiji; 2.2. The Mirror of Wisdom