Chef busy two hours to cook the staff meal, self-rating 100 points, the boss saw the dish: you don’t have to come

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In a certain website saw before air conditioning staff canteen, bask in the staff meals, causes a lot of many people envy, very much to go to apply for resignation, as a company can provide employees with better working conditions that is the best, but the company will have separate cost accounting to determine their ability to provide, providing meals will give everyone set meals in advance,The master arranges the meal reasonably, has the meat well, the nutrition is healthy.As the creator of delicious food, the chef now needs to show his skills without going anywhere to apply for a job. This chef was recommended by a friend to make staff meals in a company, and the boss arranged him to cook lunch in the kitchen. The young man went out with his aunt to buy ingredients and rolled up his sleeves.Braise in soy sauce fish chef have years of experience in the kitchen cooking, arranging meals is a pediatrician, the first dish to braise in soy sauce fish, chef cut fish fish slice, playing on the hob, wrapped in thickening in the pan Fried, do not need to fry fish for a long time, golden color, chefs have an appetite to look, fish head is Fried, and the plate,Then make a salty sauce and pour it evenly over the fish. It looks very appetizing and the chef is quite satisfied with it.Braised fan rib chef besides fish also arrange braised fan rib, this dish is to braise in soy sauce, do not know to the sauce is good, the chef will first fan rib for later, and then directly to the fan rib in the pan, small fire simmer, neither delay time also can show your own skills, well after the aroma, the chef confidence can get employees recognition.Diced celery ready after two dishes, the chef began to do the cooking, so that can ensure employees to eat is hot, diced celery is a next meal, diced meat ahead of the oil in the pan, at the same time in the pot stir-fried celery and carrot, red and green collocation, watching celery have appetite, this is a food, light taste, suitable for beauty.Bowel of lettuce silk chef made of meat it is only natural that the vegetarian dishes, he buy lettuce used directly to stir-fried, vitamin supplements, he cut lettuce silk, collocation of a few red pepper, then shred with Fried, eating fresh and lettuce have clear bowel aperient effect, it contains a lot of folic acid and carbohydrates, dietary fiber, can speed up the digestion of food, prevent constipation.Chef was satisfied with his performance, to rice point after another came to the canteen, staff looked at chef cooking staff the thumbs-up sign, ate with relish, the boss finally came to the dining room looked at the food, eat a meal came before the teacher decided to let the chef tomorrow no, the reason is you did a good job, but it’s too rich food, the company won’t bear.