Come to the Wisteria studio to “enjoy the flowers”!Let’s wait for the flowers to bloom

2022-07-28 0 By

The reverse cold of the epidemic disrupted people’s rhythm of life, but the footsteps of spring did not stop.In April, baicaoquanyu, Jiading’s annual Wisteria season also quietly arrived ~ at the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, citizens can not go out to enjoy wisteria flowers.To this end, Jiading District Rong Media Center joined hands with “art 疁 Fang” cultural and creative brand, jointly create the 2022 Jiading Wisteria season online theme activities, open a new “cloud” mode, bring different interactive experience.In the series of activities, the first online is the super popular “Shanghai Jiading” APP “Wisteria Direct Broadcast”.According to the field observation by the staff of the district Garden and green management Office, and based on the factors such as plant density and growth trend of Wisteria wisteria, three best viewing locations were selected in Wisteria Wisteria Park and Ziyun Gallery this year to install high-definition close-range cameras.According to the staff, the live broadcast equipment has been installed and debugged. In the official live broadcast, three point screens will be used in the form of rotation, and each point lasts about 15 seconds.Wisteria flowers bloom and fall to slow live recording the whole process, so that you can not personally visit the scene, through the mobile phone, enjoy wisteria flowers bloom.”A pile of purple clouds”, located in the trellis of ziyun Gallery by the riverside, wisteria has sprouted new buds and spread out green leaves.In Jiding Wisteria Park, wisteria is growing more pleasing, more than 30 rare varieties, more than 100 wisteria have been waking up, heading, flowering.It is understood that wisteria is in full bloom in mid – to late April every year.By then, a string of purple, pink, white wisteria flowers, surplus frame full shed.According to the introduction, this year’s wisteria season will continue to the end of April, including “purple rhyme 疁 city” wisteria broadcast room, “flowers to the auspicious” limited spring wallpaper delivery, “impression jiading” the second season “four seasons have flowers” illustration published online and other series of activities.In addition, there are “write a Flower in a word” message interaction and wisteria season limited creative.Download “Shanghai Jiading” APP on the home page click “Jiarong media slow live” to watch not only wisteria flowers bloom as scheduled, but also you after the epidemic.Stay at the moment is for the reunion after, waiting for the arrival of good together!Written by Si Shushu Edited by Wu Lirong