He was discharged from hospital on 25th of the 12th month after stenting, and had another myocardial infarction on 6th of the first month. A mistake led to a catastrophe

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Lao Zhao had a sudden myocardial infarction before the Spring Festival and received cardiac stents. He was discharged on 25th of the 12th month. Today is the 10th day and myocardial infarction occurred again in the morning.What on earth is going on?Why did heart stent just become, myocardial infarction again?Do stents not prevent myocardial infarction?What caused Lao Zhao to have another myocardial infarction 10 days after he was discharged from hospital?One, December 25 discharged patient Lao Zhao 55 years old, December 15 sudden chest pain, continued to do not relieve, accompanied by chest tightness and breathlessness sweating, played 120.120 arrived and finished ecg to confirm myocardial infarction.The green channel was then opened to activate the chest pain center and transport the patient to the cath lab.The imaging revealed that the left anterior descending branch of the heart, the root of the heart’s largest blood vessel, was completely occluded.The guide wire was passed, the balloon was dilated, and a stent was implanted. She stayed in the icu for 3 days. Her condition gradually stabilized, and she was moved out of the ICU for 7 days.The patient was able to walk without heart failure and pentangina, and was discharged with medication.When I left the hospital, the doctor told me repeatedly that after the New Year, I should take medicine on time.Chinese New Year also don’t smoke and drink;Don’t be tired and can’t stay up late.Two, why just did heart stent, myocardial infarction again?When Lao Zhao was discharged, he could walk back and forth in the hospital corridor without any obvious discomfort, so he felt better.Especially catch up with the New Year, I wish not to smoke and drink, so I put up with it. Why did the blood vessels get through, and now I have to take medicine without feeling uncomfortable.It was unlucky to take medicine during the Spring Festival, so I stopped taking medicine from the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. Today is the 6th day of the first lunar month, which is the 7th day after stopping medicine, acute anterior myocardial infarction occurred again, namely thrombosis in the stent, and the stent was blocked again.The most important drugs zhao takes are statins, aspirin and ticagrelor, which stabilize plaque, prevent plaque rupture, prevent platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, prevent stent thrombosis and restenosis.Aspirin, for example, works against platelet aggregation, which can lead to blood clots.By inhibiting the accumulation of aspirin, blood clots can be prevented to some extent.But our platelet life cycle is 7 days, what does that mean?The platelets that are born today, they only live seven days, and one in seven platelets are born every day.Lao Zhao stopped aspirin for 7 days, which is equivalent to all the platelets in the body today are not inhibited by aspirin, so the platelets in Lao Zhao’s body are easy to gather, which is prone to thrombosis.And where you’ve just had stents, you have a lot of inflammation, endothelial hyperplasia, and then you stop taking statins, you’re more likely to have clots.Therefore, 7 days after Lao Zhao stopped taking the medicine, thrombosis formed again in Lao Zhao’s stent and myocardial infarction occurred again.Three, stent can prevent myocardial infarction?Some people certainly doubt, stent just finished, stent is not to prevent thrombosis, prevent myocardial infarction?How could there be another clot, another myocardial infarction in such a short time?This is a fallacy, because stents do not prevent clots at all, nor do they prevent heart attacks.The role of cardiac stent is to improve serious cardiovascular stenosis, control angina pectoris, improve myocardial ischemia.Or for heart attacks, stents can open up blood vessels and save lives.Stents do not prevent clots at all, nor do they prevent heart attacks.The method of preventing thrombosis or preventing myocardial infarction is regular drugs, such as aspirin, ticagrelor and statins, as well as drugs for controlling blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and heart rate.In addition, patients stay away from alcohol and tobacco, healthy diet, appropriate activities, weight control, do not stay up late, a good attitude and so on are the prevention of thrombosis, prevention of myocardial infarction, rather than stent.Four, should not have put the bracket?There will be those who will argue, or pretend to be serious, that the stent should never have been put in the first place, that the vessel would not have blocked again.What a vexatious logic.If the stent had not been put in, Lao Zhao’s blood vessels would not have been able to open, unable to open the blood vessels, the heart muscle would continue to die.High levels of heart muscle necrosis not only increase the risk of sudden death, but can also lead to eventual heart failure, shortening life expectancy.Did not put the stent, Lao Zhao in May not have December 25 hospital, because in December 15 Lao Zhao may be bye bye.The emergence of stents has saved the lives of more patients with myocardial infarction.Statistics showed that the mortality rate of hospitalized myocardial infarction was 30% for rescuing myocardial infarction before the emergence of stents, while the mortality rate of hospitalized myocardial infarction after stents was reduced to less than 5%.In other words, for 100 patients with myocardial infarction, stents can save 25 more patients’ lives, which is a great medical contribution.So for those who don’t pretend to know what they know, stop being so self-righteous.V. Can Lao Zhao’s second myocardial infarction be avoided?At present, stent thrombosis or stent restenosis cannot be prevented 100%.But with regular drugs and a patient’s healthy lifestyle, clots in stents can be reduced to about 1%.But Zhao’s stent thrombosis, another myocardial infarction is nothing to worry about.You want to take aspirin and ticagrelor and statins, is to prevent thrombosis, but Lao Zhao stopped such an important drug, you want to stop the prevention of thrombosis drugs, can thrombosis again?Can we avoid another myocardial infarction?Six, put a stent to have to take medicine for a lifetime?I’m sure there will be people who say that if you put in a stent, you’ll have to take pills forever.Once again, stents for life, not stents for life.Because the patient has angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.Even if those people don’t get stents, they’ll take them for the rest of their lives.So stop thinking you’re more professional than a doctor or a scientist.Don’t know pretend to know, opinionated, often lead to disaster!# Plan # Wisdom for the Elderly chief Referral Officer #