How to Ask for a raise at the right time

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Hello, I’m Xin Yuan. In the previous part of this article, you found out how much you are worth to your company. Once you’ve figured out what you’re worth, you’ll know if you deserve a raise.This is a trick to play down money because percentages are abstract and can seem more acceptable than dollar amounts when you already have a high salary base.Imagine that your current salary is 10,000 yuan per month. For example, if you need a 1000 yuan raise, when you ask for a 1000 yuan raise, your boss can imagine what you can do with that 1000 yuan. In other words, your boss can visualize what that 1000 yuan can do, whereas if you ask for a 10% raise, your boss doesn’t immediately imagine what the specific number is.Because you’re using more abstract concepts.Of course, when you decide to ask for a raise, the first thing you should do is to prepare your own salary materials. Please check out the specific content you need to prepare in the previous article. The comments section will release the link to the previous article.Of course, in most cases, many bosses won’t agree to a raise that easily. They will say no on the grounds of poor performance, declining revenues, or inadequate budgets, and you need to decide whether to believe them and whether you want to stay in your current environment.If you’re absolutely sure that you deserve a raise and that you want it to happen, it’s time to ask for it.The ’02 performance review period is a good time to look at the value of the employee’s contribution to the company.If you can provide research on your market value and specific contributions to the company, you are more likely to get a raise.After all, when the boss to get all the company’s accounting year summary, also need to start planning the next year’s plan, as long as the company’s performance is good, and you have positive value to the company, you are increases the possibility of will, the greater the if the company’s performance is not ideal, and you to the company’s value is not big, then raise will be difficult.Don’t ask for a raise unless you’re irreplaceable, because every time you ask for a raise is valuable, and the more you get rejected the more you negate your worth and are afraid to ask again.The last thing a company wants is for someone to leave at this point, which means they need to find someone to replace you right away.Especially when it comes to having the same experience and level, and immediately having to fit into your current job responsibilities, it’s very costly.Or when you are following up on a project or project that has been very successful and has been of great benefit to the company, these are reasonable times to ask for a raise.Capitalize on your successes, which can help you make that raise easier.Once you’ve planned out your raise request and prepared your pitch, pick a time.Don’t ask your boss for a raise from Monday to Wednesday because they are the most stressful, busy and tense days of the week, especially Monday morning, which no one likes.The best time to do that is Friday morning, as are you and your boss. Psychological studies have shown that people relax on Fridays, as the weekend is just around the corner.Finally, be sure to monitor your boss’s mood. No one has ever negotiated a raise with an angry or tense boss.Next time we’ll talk more about how to ask for a raise.Follow Xin Yuan to share more dry goods knowledge