Lijiang Radio “One Family hotline” is always accompanied by green hills, to guard against mountain fires and prevent them from “burning”.

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With the arrival of spring, the temperature rises, the weather is dry, and the hidden danger of forest fire needs our attention.Spring fire has obvious seasonal characteristics, whether spring outing, tomb sweeping or spring ploughing burning weed compost may become the hidden danger of igniting mountain fire.Today’s hotline, we came to pull town south Yao village forest protection fire inspection point, see how the staff daily work to carry out, but also how to protect the castle peak.Located in the mountainous area of Hengduan Mountains, people’s production and life are inseparable from the mountains.As soon as you look up, you can see mountains, and you have to pass through mountains to go anywhere. The mountains are also generous gifts to the people of Lijiang.Like most villages in Lijiang, Nanyao Village in The town of La is also a village located at the foot of the mountain.Pull town about 180,000 acres of woodland area, and the village committee is also the largest village committee pull town forest area, woodland area of about 80,000 acres.In the only way into the mountain, the south Yao village forest fire prevention checkpoint staff are dutifully guarded into the mountain bayonet, all into the mountain vehicles, personnel registration inspection, and inform the matters needing attention into the mountain.According to reports, in order to prevent fire, keep castle peak, pull town to improve zoning management and responsibility implementation, forest fire protection work from the town, village, group layer upon layer implementation, efforts to defend each forest;Attach importance to civil air defense and physical defense, set up standing forest fire protection and alarm forces, full-time forest firefighters, forest grassland fire prevention materials, establish and improve forest grassland fire prevention mechanism from management.In addition to the implementation of management, every time the level of forest fire risk rises, the town will also carry out the publicity and education related to forest fire protection, so that every farmer is aware of the importance and necessity of forest fire protection.During periods of high fire risk, such as the recent one, villagers and households in the vicinity are also mobilized to participate in voluntary mountain patrols.With the efforts made in recent years, the town of La has now formed an atmosphere of “everyone attaches importance to forest protection and fire prevention, and everyone participates in forest protection and fire prevention”.On the way to the interview, we saw villagers in bright orange vests, who had volunteered to participate in the forest fire protection patrol, coming to the inspection point to register and report.It’s spring plowing time, and everyone has to look after their fields, but the volunteer rangers have no complaints about their morning fire patrols.In talking with them, they especially like to say that “clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver”.As a tourist hotspot, they say, la is popular because of its picturesque scenery and the villagers benefit from it.Now everyone’s life can lead a good life without destroying the mountain forest, and only by protecting the mountain forest, our life will be better.Whether stationed in the forest fire protection point full-time forest rangers, or the obligation to patrol the forest rangers, with the forest fire protection work of the residents of the town, they were born in the si, but also strive to use their own strength to protect the mountains where they were born.It is understood that with the coming of spring forest protection shall be, the next step, la town will continue to do a good job in forest fire prevention from the registration management of checkpoints, fire into the crowd seized work, strengthen the management of the soil with fire and not regular procuratorial forest construction units, to crack down on illegal wild with fire, etc, to strengthen the forest grassland fire prevention work.We should put prevention first and combine prevention with eradication, strengthen publicity and guidance, strengthen leadership responsibilities, resolutely prevent forest and grassland fire accidents and minimize disaster losses.New media editor: Bai Wanchao editor: Li Xia Zhao Wenli final review: Ma Xiang and the Red Army statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: