New Year’s Greetings for Xinghualing Court (PART 1)

2022-07-28 0 By

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from xinghualing Court!The year of the Tiger auspicious New Year to xinghualing court officers to write all good wishes in the Spring Festival couplets recorded in the sound of blessing in a Spring Festival couplet is their adherence to fairness and justice a sound blessing is their love for a better life please accept their customized New Year’s blessing Political department grasp the Party to build with the team to strive for excellence to promote developmentStrong political tree concept, good education, precision training and consolidation foundation comprehensive office one thing, one meal, one car, one money all for the sake of the police chapter management, management of files, pipe network, account management No careless filing of cases, division, adjudication, diverse solutions to disputes, litigation services more efficient filing, impartiality, justice, vigorous action, sail at the right time, the Criminal Court carefully and clearly judgeThe wind is sweeping the evil spirit of the world to balance justice with mercy and justice to protect the people’s well-being in the first court the voice of the plaintiff the voice of the defendant the voice of the lawyer the voice of the mallet the sound of the hammer to greet the hearing loan case financial case contract case marriage case care for the people The second court family financial loan contract to solve the people’s troubles spare no effort in trial cross-examination mediation judgmentPlease continue to receive the blessings from the xinghualing court officers ~~~