Over the past decade, Rolex has outperformed equities, property and gold

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What is a Rolex?A watch or hard currency?Obviously, from the performance of the secondary market in the past decade, in addition to it being a popular high-end watch, its appreciation space is also very amazing.A new study by Bob’s Watches, an online retailer, shows that rolex really can be a good investment, statistically.Analysis of secondary market performance over the past decade shows that Rolex has often appreciated more than more traditional investments such as stocks, real estate and gold.From 2011 to the end of last year, the average price of a used Rolex rose from just under $5,000 to more than $13,000, according to the data.The trend seems to be picking up steam, as prices of the brand’s watches have appreciated as much since the outbreak as they did in the five years before it began.While that statistic is the aggregate performance of all Rolex watches, there are two that stand out.The stainless steel Water Ghost 16610 was the best-selling Rolex in some time, while the Detona was the most appreciated watch, with an average second-hand price of more than $30,000.Perhaps it’s no surprise that Rolex is in high demand in the watch market; after all, it’s the hottest brand in the market right now.However, after quantitative data analysis, it seems that good is too good.After analyzing market data from Mactrotrends.net and the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database, Rolex handily outperformed gold and real estate over the period.According to the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the stock and bond markets have performed more closely with Rolex, but rolex has clearly appreciated more.No one would be surprised if Rolex continues to prove to be a wise investment over the next few years.Demand for the brand’s watches has surged since the outbreak, in large part due to supply chain problems.Rolex has already raised prices on some of its models, a change that will almost certainly soon be reflected in the secondary market.In short, the market’s enthusiasm for Rolex shows no sign of abating.If you’re purely a watch lover, Rolex doesn’t seem to be a particularly good choice at this stage.But if you want to think of Rolex as an investment, that’s a different story.Once you’ve seen rolex, let’s get to know the best in wine!We are looking forward to your joining us!The latest wine information, the most worthy of starting with the wine recommended, the most cost-effective wine purchase information, the most timely wine promotion information here we can express our views here, discuss their wine tasting experience here irregularly release all kinds of offline wine tasting activities, wine lovers gathered together will not quickly enter the group?> > Click I enter group < <