Sichuan Leshan Qian as a person posing as “tobacco team leader” fraud was caught

2022-07-28 0 By

Xinhua Client Sichuan channel on February 27 (Hu Xu, Wu Jifeng, Liu Yu) On February 21, the suspect Liu is suspected of fraud by Sichuan Leshan County security organs take criminal compulsory measures according to law.Earlier, Yoo disguised himself as a tobacco team leader in order to defraud others.In January of this year, the firm’s tobacco monopoly Bureau in assisting the public security organs investigate Zhao involved in the illegal business case found, the county cigarette operator Liu, take the initiative to contact Zhao with wechat, falsely claims that it is familiar with the relevant staff of the county tobacco monopoly Bureau, can “go relationship” to handle the certificate, but to charge a certain “handling charge”.Answer county public security organs immediately on the clue to investigate, find out that Liu using Zhao has opened a tobacco and alcohol firm, but not for tobacco monopoly retail license anxious psychology, carefully planned a scam.Liu changed the wechat name to “Qian Wei tobacco captain”, a person acting the role of two corners to form a “chat record”, and then will be screenshots to Zhao mou to defraud trust, and to help handle the certificate need “handling fee” on the ground, ask for RMB 6000 yuan.The tobacco regulatory department reminded that to apply for a tobacco monopoly retail license, applicants can log on to the National Government service Platform to apply online, or go to the license application window of the local Tobacco Monopoly Administration to apply on the spot.Handling the certificate does not charge any fee, more no “relationship” said, mo because of eager to handle the certificate, fall into fraud “trap”.Source: Xinhua News Agency