Spring Walk | twelve years of free painting and calligraphy classes are still in

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Although spring has begun, the morning is still cold.Supported by his son, Jinniu, a farmer painter in Shilin, walks out the door with a cane.A car accident four months ago left him in a cast, but he still sticks to his pact with his children.Since 2011, Shilin county has held a free painting and calligraphy training class for migrant workers’ children each year in winter and summer vacation. Now, it has entered its 12th year, and more than 2,000 migrant workers’ children have received free training in painting and calligraphy.Due to leg problems, the director of this training class was changed to Jin Sijie, The son of Taurus, but Taurus still insisted on teaching the children on site.Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the number of training is strictly controlled. In less than a week, all the places in the training class have been fully subscribed — the free calligraphy and painting class has become the “art temple” in the hearts of children.The Sani people of the Yi nationality, who have lived in shilin area for generations, have created the colorful “Ashima” national culture.Shilin peasant paintings can be traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty, and the authors are all authentic farmers. The themes are mostly taken from labor and Sani folk customs, such as building straw houses, stacking wheat, collecting eggs, gathering torch fruits, embroidery, etc.Free exaggeration, colorful, with strong local flavor and Zani-style shilin peasant painting has become a unique school of fine arts in China.Since childhood by the traditional yi culture edification of Taurus, outstanding achievements in folk art creation and inheritance, has been awarded the “farmers painting creation leader” “model worker” in kunming, “city, top local talent” and so on the title, was named the city of kunming intangible cultural heritage projects (bimo drawing) representative folk art heritage, list price, the stone forest in kunming, craftsmen, etc.In 1988, Shilin County was named “The Hometown of Chinese Modern Folk Painting” by the former Ministry of Culture.As the creative leader of Chinese farmers’ painting and the backbone of “Shilin Painting Village”, Jinniu has devoted himself to the creation and research of ethnic and folk art for decades.In 2011, shilin County Culture and Tourism Bureau held a free calligraphy and painting training class for the children of migrant workers. As a representative figure of shilin County folk art, Jinniu became the first teacher of the class.From then on, he undertook painting training work, a work of 12 years.Every winter and summer vacation, a batch of children from point, line, color began to learn, through painting learning to make the original boring, monotonous holiday added a lot of fun.Thanks to the training, many children have started their own art path, which makes Jinniu see the hope of inheriting shilin peasant paintings from generation to generation.As one of the first students of the free calligraphy and painting class, Wang zhijun has been studying painting with Jinniu since the sixth grade in primary school.More than ten years have passed, Wang Zhijun has graduated from art college, formally embarked on the road of artistic creation.After graduating from art schools, some children return to their hometown and participate in free training jobs.”I don’t really have any apprentices, but IT’s nice to see how many children who have received free training have discovered their interests and started their artistic careers.”Taurus said.”Culture is not quick-fix. It needs to be passed down from generation to generation.”Shilin County culture and tourism bureau director Shi Lihong said.Source: Kunming Daily editor: Zhou Lu Review: Huang Siwei final review: Xu Ting