The difference between hand mask cream and hand cream

2022-07-28 0 By

Hand mask creams and hand creams have different functions, ingredients and use methods.The function of hand cream is to moisturize the skin, improve dry skin, help the skin to replenish the water needed, suitable for three times a day the effect is better;The effect of hand film is whitening spots, moisturizing, wrinkle resistance to improve the vitality of skin cells and restore skin elasticity, suitable for two or three times a week to use maintenance, the effect is better.Hand mask is similar to facial mask, contains a variety of nutrients, can gently dissolve old waste horniness, deep water, nourish the nails from the root, improve the defense and repair ability of hands, make the skin moist, smooth and elastic.Hand mask is rich in nutrition, once injected with nutrients, it can immediately restore the hand skin to the best state, the effect is remarkable.It is a first-aid product for intensive care. It can effectively relieve roughness, dryness, fine lines, chap and other conditions.Hand cream belongs to daily hand skin care products, and has the same effect as hand mask, but the effect is not as obvious as hand mask. Hand mask is a centralized repair, while hand cream is slowly warming up. The effect of hand cream is accumulated over a long period of time, but the effect of one or two uses is not obvious, but hand cream brings little pressure to the hand skin, so it can be used frequently.