The exquisite little woman’s dress depends on Hong Shan Ho!Petite figure with short skirt, show elegant charm

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I was conquered by the exquisite feminine charm of Ho Hongshan!Short dress simple collocation, also too charming pretty hello ~ everyone!I am xiaoyi who loves fashion, and I want to share with you what He hongshan wears in this issue. The exquisite little woman’s dress depends on He Hongshan!Petite figure with short skirt, show elegant lasting appeal, let’s see!Small formal attire of outfit is more common in recent stars wear take, as delicate and brilliant fairy is tie-in, delicate dress collocation is easy to show a different style, especially the petite feels dye-in-the-wood dress collocation, in terms of elegant demeanour temperament loose easily, like a recent He Hongshan outfit, gentle and generous, with some elegance in the comfortable,At the same time, the perfect display of the proportion of the advantages of the body, is simply a small girl’s Gospel.Look1: pure white dress pure white dress is a delicate and pure dress when you wear it.Especially to the collocation of small skirt, low-key and relaxed, in dress is more girl.However, such clothes need to be more colorful in the design, such as delicate patterns or elegant design, so that the design of clothes can show different colors, for the vast majority of women are also more colorful.He Hongshan wear this skirt, is a relatively young girl, a bit of shoulder pads design on pure white dress collocation, in simple dress plus fold, make clothing more have administrative levels feeling and pure white skirt is perfect showed the advantage of leg ministry line, for the little girl is pure fashionable dress collocation, even 30 years old girl,Wearing such a fine dress, you will lose your age.Preppy is one of the most popular slimming styles, and spring is especially popular with little dresses, which are always gentle and generous.Delicate and elegant small skirt needs such age reduction collocation, just can move girl’s heart more easily.Look at Hong Shan Ho’s recent simple black and white preppy style, you know, a little more formal skirt, perfect show petite figure, really very girly.The contrast tone of black and white in the dress is more delicate, for the expression of the details of the choice of large lotus design, it will let the circular design weakened the delicate sense of standing collar, but a different kind of gentle.Especially false two gentle style to show the style that gives can appear more colourful.Generally speaking, for the short skirt design of little girls, it will be easier to show the sense of reducing age, even 30 years old women will also appear particularly cute.Look3: Black and white short dress with black and white short skirt design in the dress presentation, will be more delicate and simple, strong contrast of color is easy to show a sophisticated style, but for women’s daily sense of design, a low-key sense of charm will be more outstanding.Especially in the short skirt version, slightly fitting the body will always make the dress look more soft and beautiful, just like the recent dress of Hong Shan Ho, excellent.Among them, the gentle dress is matched with long curly hair, which looks especially nifty. While we choose such dress collocation, the expression of details also needs to be relatively delicate.Add a bow to a small accessory or a delicate bag to make an everyday dress stand out, have you learned?All right!This is the end of sharing this issue, thank you for being so beautiful and reading our article, for the above fashion content, if you have any other opinions and ideas, please leave a comment below.Don’t forget to like and bookmark this episode if it gives you some practical inspiration and we’ll see you next time.Disclaimer: this article is original, the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete, thank you!