The senior officials community of Sunwu Street in Huimin County carried out the “I exercise, I am happy” fun sports meeting for the elderly

2022-07-28 0 By

In order to enrich the sports and cultural life of the elderly, create a harmonious community atmosphere of “sports, health and happiness”, promote community communication and enhance “neighborhood” feelings, on February 18, sunwu street senior officials organized the community to carry out the “I Movement,I am happy “senior winter fun sports activities.The event site set up rings, balls to run, pig running, throwing handkerchiefs and other competitions.In the activity, there were two people in a group. The group competed with each other. The team members gave full play to their own strengths and cooperated with each other to complete the project smoothly.This activity not only enriches the leisure cultural life of the elderly in the community, but also allows them to find themselves in the activity and add to the fun of their old age life.In the next step, sunwu Community will continue to carry out a series of cultural activities, and jointly create a new situation of unity, progress and harmonious development.