Tianjin’s political and legal organs responded that 99.1% of the people were satisfied with their sense of security

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In the past year, the political and legal organs of Tianjin have handed over their performance of their duties, bearing the people’s ardent expectations for safety, fairness and justice.Focusing on the goal of “no Mafia” city, 17 gangs involved in Mafia were destroyed, 684 criminal cases were solved, and 98% of the people in the city were satisfied with the effectiveness of the fight against Mafia and evil.We focused on crimes involving guns and explosives, theft, robbery and fraud, pornography, gambling and drug abuse, and food and drug trafficking. We solved small cases quickly, many existing cases, and many accumulated cases. For seven consecutive years, 100% of the current murder cases, gunshot cases, and kidnapping cases were solved, and the number of homicide cases did not reach 100 for four consecutive years.Throughout the year, the procuratorial organs approved the arrest of 7,965 people for various criminal offenses, and instituted public prosecutions against 18,502 people.The courts of The city received 524,200 new cases and settled 49,600 cases, up 34.26% and 24.43% year on year.Relying on community (village) Party and mass service centers, we have promoted professional forces to help people resolve their troubles locally and in accordance with the law. Since the launch of the special campaign to mediate conflicts around you, 116,000 potential conflicts of various kinds have been investigated and resolved, and over 98 percent of conflicts have been resolved in the local areas….Behind the numbers, flowing every political and legal police night in the public, regardless of wind and rain, home care for everyone’s blood and sweat, with the people’s care, “swing the sword of the law, hold the balance of justice;In addition to the evil of the world, uphold the sanctity of politics and law “, they kept their oath, forge ahead.Blade to forge loyalty to the heart of the iron army loyalty, direction.As the “important instrument of the state”, the political and legal organs are the main body of law enforcement, judicial and law enforcement behavior is directly related to the image of the Party in the hearts of the people, related to the vital interests of the people.How to make the exercise of public power without any impurities, without any moisture?A decisive battle is being waged with the blade turned inward and the spirit of the party is being strengthened and discipline is being strengthened. Our original aspiration and mission are rooted in our hearts and put into action.From spring to winter, when the central party committee blew team the “assembly” of the reorganization of the education of politics and law, from the district party committee politics and law committee and district-level units of politics and law, and prisons, drug rehabilitation center in the city, the municipal party committee politics and law committee, the city of political science and law in each unit, the city system from bottom to top to carry on the education of politics and law rectification, more than 50000 policemen of politics and law to accept the revolutionary forging.Casting soul and integrating loyalty to the Party into blood — Organic integration of party history study education with political education, warning education and heroic model education.We resolutely implemented Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law, and made studying and implementing the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s July 1 speech a major political task. We organized 1,165 activities such as warning education and clean government classes.To carry forward the spirit of elite models, 683 people were selected as elite models of politics and law and advanced models, and 152 lectures on heroic models were held.In line with the principle of maintaining the physical health of the political and judicial forces, a total of 82,000 person-times of heart-to-heart talks have been held among police officers.We organized a special campaign to purify and restore the political ecosystem and improve the work style of government agencies, carried out a major debate on “Everyone is a political ecosystem,” self-examined 47,231 problems, and formulated 51,851 corrective measures.We focused on tackling key intractable diseases, and identified 8,673 chronic problems, all of which were rectified.To improve the people’s welfare, the political and legal system has issued 12 measures for the people’s welfare, formulated 1,565 measures for the convenience and benefit of the people, and handled 44,690 practical matters for the people.Excited turbid Yang Qing, the road, a new wind, Wanmuchun.Education rectification will highlight the problem rectification and the establishment of long-term mechanism combination, fierce medicine and grasp the root cause through, both cleaning the “surface” problem, and solve the “inside” problem, to provide a strong guarantee for strict and fair law enforcement and justice.It is the bounden responsibility of the political and legal organs to create a safe Tianjin bright name card to protect the years of quietness.In order to let a party of people safe, the city’s political and legal police with hard work to create a safe Tianjin bright name card.The masses hate most what crime to focus on what crime, what crime prominent focus on what crime, in order not to let the people’s hard-earned money into the hands of the cheater, they and cheater race against time.Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau anti-fraud center 96110 early warning platform to receive the city public security Bureau push instructions, a crowd suspected of answering posing as public security fraud phone, anti-fraud center repeatedly contact the subject Of Ms. Zhang, but Ms. Zhang has been busy can not answer the state.Community police received a clue instruction, rushed to Ms. Zhang home, at the same time, constantly dial Ms. Zhang’s phone, but the other side has been in a busy state.When Ms. Zhang home, but found that it had returned to jilin home.The community police did not give up and kept making calls.Finally, Zhang’s phone worked, and after 35 minutes of perseverance, Zhang saved her 570,000 yuan.We have always maintained zero tolerance and zero slack for telecom and network fraud crimes, improved the level of prevention and propaganda, tried to block the black and gray industrial chain, strengthened early warning and interception countermeasures, and the city’s political and legal organs took “core” measures to protect people’s “money bags”.Last year, the number of cases of telecom and network fraud in the city dropped 28.8 percent, leading the decline in the country.Peace construction work, not only to fight crime, in the face of new problems and new challenges, in order to consolidate the foundation of peace, the city’s political and legal organs never stopped thinking and exploring steps.At the beginning of this year, “Omicron” raided Jincheng and organized nucleic acid testing for all staff, which was a key measure to quickly find out the “bottom number” of the epidemic and contain its spread.In a city with a population of 14 million, how can nucleic acid testing be carried out without missing anyone?The Municipal Political and Legal Committee drafted the “knocking action” work plan overnight and mobilized 48,000 grid members, 12,000 alley keepers, 281,000 grid team leaders and other volunteers to carry out the “knocking action” door-to-door and cyclic.Organize 3,000 emergency mobile force to deal with emergencies in the first time;Through the construction of “Xueliang Engineering” and “Intelligent and safe” community, the comprehensive use of intelligent facilities, monitoring equipment, artificial intelligence technology, etc., timely detection of criminals;In the country took the lead in realizing primary and secondary school full-time security guards equipped rate, school closed management rate, one-key emergency alarm and video surveillance system up to the standard rate, school “nursing post” equipped rate of “4 100%”……The more the network is woven, the more solid the foundation of peace.Justice is the last line of defense to safeguard social fairness and justice.In order to make fairness and justice more tangible, the city’s political and legal authorities have deepened the reform of the judicial system and comprehensively improved judicial credibility.The Municipal High People’s Court carried out the pilot reform to improve the positioning of the judicial functions of the four-level courts and strengthened the management of the case process.The Municipal People’s Procuratorate established a case quality evaluation system with the “case-to-case ratio” as the core, reducing 6,470 unnecessary case handling links.The Municipal Public Security Bureau continued to deepen the reform of police mechanism, and the effectiveness of police practice and social governance was greatly improved.The Municipal Bureau of Justice has continued to promote the integrated development of the “three major platforms” of public legal service, namely physical platform, hotline and network. The physical platform has provided services for more than 42,000 times, and the hotline has received more than 436,000 calls.Let the rule of law more warm, let the people feel fairness and justice more fully, on the road of building the rule of law, Tianjin will make unremitting efforts to answer this “eternal subject”.The rule of law is the best business environment.It is precisely because we know that to create a first-class business environment, the rule of law must play a good role in ensuring that the city’s political and legal authorities use the hand of the rule of law to set up a “protection net” for all kinds of market players.We will crack down on false and malicious lawsuits and severely punish lawsuits that infringe upon the rights and interests of enterprises.We will establish a sound system for exempting minor market violations of laws and regulations from punishment, and prudently apply compulsory measures of detention to private entrepreneurs in accordance with the law.We will continue to strengthen innovation in big data and convenient information-based services, optimize and upgrade comprehensive service platforms such as the system’s network, hotline and mobile phone client, and further promote the “Internet plus political and legal services” to ensure that more information is available and less business is available.With “hard measures” to protect development and “soft environment” to achieve development, the city’s political and legal organs played the “strongest voice” to optimize the business environment.This is a team that dares to fight tough battles, is good at fighting, has the courage to make contributions and is trustworthy.The city’s political and legal police have been working hard to construct a higher level of “safe Tianjin” and “rule of law Tianjin” before the heavy work of the ring and have been committed to the challenge to meet the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding results.(Reporter Han Wen) Source: Tianjin Daily