‘Zero tolerance’ for crimes that damage Yellow River safety, environment and resources: SPP

2022-07-28 0 By

Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation.Recently, issued by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the procuratorial functions into full play the service safeguard the opinions of the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development “(hereinafter referred to as” opinions “) notice, request, in accordance with the crime severely damage the Yellow River, safety and environmental resources, strengthen supervision on the Yellow River criminal case litigation activities, at the same time fully fulfill the functions of public interest litigation,We will strengthen public protection of the ecological environment in river basins.The Opinions require that the functions of authorizing and prosecuting arrests be earnestly performed, and with a “zero-tolerance” attitude, resolutely punish crimes that endanger river safety, such as illegal sand mining, damage to water and soil conservation, and crimes that damage environmental resources, such as environmental pollution, illegal logging, deforestation, reclamation of tidal flats, unauthorized occupation of grassland and woodland land, and illegal fishing and hunting.To strengthen cooperation and cooperation with administrative and public security organs, jointly carry out special supervision and control activities, timely grasp the new characteristics and trends of environmental and resource crimes in the Yellow River Basin, and intensify the efforts to handle cases in the form of listing supervision, on-site guidance and joint supervision.In addition, the opinions also pointed out that cooperation with the commission for Discipline inspection and supervision should be strengthened, and cases of corruption, bribery and dereliction of duty involving state officials in the process of Yellow River safety, water resources protection, environmental pollution prevention and control, and environmental supervision should be carefully examined and handled.To safeguard legal system rigidity and authority, the “opinions” requirement “to carry out the destruction of the Yellow River special criminal case supervision, safety and environmental resources to urge the administrative agencies refer the suspected criminal cases, supervision and investigation organ promptly initiate an investigation, to prevent and correct the case is not made, guilty, not punishment for punishment, degradation and other issues.We will strengthen oversight of criminal investigation of environmental and resource cases, guide investigation and evidence collection, and effectively solve the problems of untimely and illegal collection of fixed evidence and poor quality of investigation.We will strengthen oversight of criminal trials, appeal in accordance with the law against judgments and rulings that are wrongly determined, wrongly defined, or clearly inappropriate in sentencing, and prevent improper sentencing or punishment in environmental and resource criminal cases.In terms of strengthening the public interest protection of the ecological environment of the river basin, the Opinions require the Party Committee, the government and the society to carefully sort out and investigate the clues of cases affecting the safety of the Yellow River and damaging the environment and resources, and organize and carry out special supervision activities of public interest litigation.With a view to ensuring the systematism and integrity of the ecological environment in the Yellow River basin, we will pay close attention to the weak points in water conservation capacity building in the upper Reaches of the Yellow River, water and soil conservation in the middle reaches, wetland protection and ecological management in the lower reaches, handle a number of influential public interest litigation cases, and promote water security and optimal utilization of water resources.We have actively used administrative public interest litigation, civil public interest litigation and supporting litigation to provide services for major projects such as dike construction, river improvement, beach management and ecological restoration.We will deepen oversight of pollution from non-point agricultural sources, industrial pollution, urban and rural household pollution, and pollution from abandoned mines, and apply punitive compensation in accordance with the law to help protect and restore the ecological environment.The Opinions also involve the inheritance and promotion of the Yellow River culture.The opinions called for systematic protection of the Cultural heritage of the Yellow River and good protection of the spiritual treasure house.Punishment will be strengthened for damaging cultural relics, ancient canals and red relics in the Yellow River basin, as well as for illegal and criminal acts such as excavating, stealing and illegally trading cultural relics.We will explore public interest litigation against cultural heritage sites such as the Great Wall, ancient trestle roads, ancient irrigated areas, ancient ferry crossings, ancient towns and villages, and the protection of cultural relics, intangible cultural heritage, and red culture areas, and urge administrative bodies charged with the responsibility of protecting and supervising them to perform their duties in accordance with the law.(People’s Daily)