Zhang Jiakou snow and ice athlete Guo Yujie hu Nianjia will participate in the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games

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The Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games will open on March 4.Zhangjiakou Shangyi athletes Guo Yujie and Hu Nianjia have been officially selected as the Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games. They will compete in various sports at the Games.Guo Yujie, 18, is a national disabled cross-country skier and biathlon athlete. Although she is young, she is already a “veteran” who has been skating on snow and ice for five years.She won the silver medal of women’s long distance traditional 10.4km, women’s middle distance traditional 5.2km and women’s short distance free 1.3km in 2021 National Disabled Cross-country Skiing and Biathlon Games.Biathlon women’s long distance 13km silver medal, women’s middle distance 6.5km gold medal, women’s short distance 3.9km gold medal;The 6th place of women’s 10km standing position and the 3rd place of women’s 6km standing position of biathlon in Nordic Skiing European Cup 2021.(Guo Yujie) (honor) obtained Guo Yujie (near game, Guo Yujie parents, often keep in front of the TV, and hope to be able to see the figure of a child) Guo Yujie will winter paralympic games in Beijing to long winter cross-country in short distance and short distance, a total of four projects, open the medal contention war, prepare, she said, will play the best strength, win honor for our ShangYi.Hu Nianjia, 21, is a member of the national disabled snowboarding team. Although she was born with a disability, she never gives up in the eyes of her father, Hu Wan.She won gold MEDALS in slopestyle slalom and slalom at the 11th National Paralympic Games in 2021, and silver MEDALS in women’s LL2 Snowboard slopestyle slalom at the 2022 Paralympic World Cup.Hu Nianjia will compete for MEDALS in snowboard slalom and slopestyle for China.After domestic and international competitions, Guo Yujie and Hu Nianjia are in the peak of their career. I believe that they will achieve excellent results in the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, win MEDALS for the Chinese disabled ski team, win glory for the country and add luster to their hometown.(Song Haixin, Zhang Yiming, Zhang Jiaqi)