Can’t “double minus” prevent make-up lessons?Parents do not “roll” the subject, “roll” quality?

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Wen: Ten summer “double reduction” after the implementation of the first winter holiday, the country’s primary and secondary schools have to “thin” homework, stratified homework, strictly control the total.In addition, the school also carefully designed to make the winter vacation homework form more rich, more scientific level of content.At Lubei Central Primary School in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, children were given a “work assignment” to pick vegetables grown in the school garden and take them home to cook delicacies to share with their families.In Xingye, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Changxing, Zhejiang Province, primary and middle school students enjoy their holidays by cutting paper-cuts, writing “fu” and painting New Year pictures.In Caocun village, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, children learn to make boneless lanterns for homework.To the students’ surprise, winter homework can be so interesting and informative.In the past, many students’ vacation life was arranged by teachers to finish their winter vacation homework.Arranged by parents to participate in various after-school training.And “double reduction” after the first winter vacation, homework burden light, less extracurricular training, students free control of the time more.Students are happy, but in the face of the cruel diversion of the entrance examination and college entrance examination, parents’ psychological pressure is not reduced but increased.Parents are very anxious about the high school entrance exam and the college entrance exam, especially the high school entrance exam.After all, a diversion of high school entrance exam results in a five-to-five general job ratio, with half of the students going to vocational high schools.Who would be willing to go to a vocational high school if given the chance?So for the fate of their own students, most parents try to open a “small door” under the “double reduction” door through online private education and home-based teachers.Unfortunately, the road was soon blocked by new regulations.Henan Provincial Department of Education issued the most strict policy: if found to attend training classes privately outside the school, the initiative into the students’ personal integrity files.Among them, zhengzhou, Luoyang and Luohe still investigated and dealt with 12 illegal training cases involving 30 employees and 193 students.Finally, the penalties were changed.The public security organ shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions on epidemic prevention and control and the Relevant requirements of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Punishments for Public Security Administration, punish the responsible person and staff of the unit;The school will remind and educate the students who participate in the training, and it will not be included in the students’ personal management files.Education authorities across the country are cracking down on illegal make-up lessons during winter holidays.Changsha has even started a comprehensive inspection, building by building, in an effort to consolidate the results of the double reduction.But despite the toughest measures, the “double cut” has failed to stop parents from making up for missed lessons.Whenever there is a gap, parents rush to send students back to the “happy life” of making up for extra lessons.Are remedial lessons really good for students?Professor Zheng Qiang said the truth although many scholars in the field of education have different views on this matter, but also dare not talk about it easily.Only Professor Zheng Qiang, who has always been known for daring to speak out, gave his own views on the “double reduction” and parents’ persistence in making up extra lessons.”Chinese students do not lose at the starting line, but die at the starting line,” zheng Qiang said.Chinese students are trapped in an “endless cycle” in which their parents consume their learning energy too early.Undeniably, professor Zheng Qiang mentioned this phenomenon is the “chaos” of Chinese education.When a student falls behind, parents start to worry, and in order to deflect their anxiety, they have no qualms about blaming the student.And for students to sign up for a variety of remedial classes, so that students “unbearable”.As a result, students are increasingly bored and disgusted with learning.But many parents say the reality is that without good scores in the high school entrance exam, without good scores in the college entrance exam, there will be no good universities, and without good universities, there will be no good jobs.If students do not make up for their lessons, they will not be able to compare with those from better families and higher starting points, and will be doomed to a “miserable” life. But is that really the case?You know, if one student makes up for a missed lesson to improve the score, all the students make up for a missed lesson to raise the score.The end result is nothing more than a shift in the score line, the student’s path has not changed.So in order to make up for the exam and raise ten and twenty, in fact, is useless.It will not change the student’s final grade, nor will it change the meaning of life and the student’s life.Therefore, the implementation of the “double reduction”, the “lifting of the ban” on fine arts and sports, and the emphasis on quality education in the policy are all aimed at making the future education more diversified and bringing more possibilities for students to succeed.However, after the suspension of remedial classes in various disciplines, many institutions began to transform and extend their tentacles into the non-disciplinary market.It is understood that a month before this year’s winter vacation, Shanghai and other cities of all kinds of interest classes have been full.Compared with previous years, the tuition fees of sports, programming, art and other quality-oriented education interest classes have increased to varying degrees.Many parents do not volume discipline education, rolled up quality education.Statistics show that more than 33,000 new sports art training institutions have been established since the double reduction policy was introduced, up 99% year-on-year.At present, China has 370,000 enterprises related to art training and 660,000 enterprises related to sports training.In this regard, many parents hope that the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of quality education training courses, especially in the price and teachers.In this regard, relevant departments have also clearly pointed out that for non-disciplinary training institutions, local governments should distinguish sports, culture and art, science and technology and other categories, identify the corresponding competent departments, formulate standards for classification and strict examination and approval.Off-campus training institutions that do not have relevant qualifications and conduct training without approval are strictly investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.Some departments and regions have also taken action.For example, on December 14 last year, the General Administration of Sport of China issued the Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Physical Education Training, which sets specific requirements on the qualifications of running schools, coaches, venues and facilities, the number of classes and fees for sports training.After all, the world is beautiful, and the future of students should not consist of a drab, empty blackboard.