Continue to deepen the development of Yichang, promote mutual benefit and win-win between government and enterprises

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On January 26th, zhuhai held a central, provincial in appropriate enterprise symposium, municipal party committee secretary of the king to attend the meeting, on behalf of the municipal party committee, the standing committee, the municipal government, municipal administration, and the whole city, to the central, provincial in appropriate corporate and business for a long time to yichang support expressed heartfelt thanks, I hope you firm to implement the development strategy of national, provincial major,Continue to cultivate the development of Yichang, make greater efforts to help Yichang consolidate its traditional advantages, cultivate new development advantages, and promote the mutual benefit of government and enterprises.Ma Zejiang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor presided over the meeting.Wang Guobin, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Juncheng, chairman of the Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference attended the meeting.At the symposium, Ma Zhenbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of Yangtze River Electric Power Company, Feng Fan, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Gezhouba Group Comprehensive Management Center, Xu Ziwu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General manager of State Grid Yichang Power Supply Company,Sixteen chemical construction Company party secretary, chairman Liu Youkun and other four entrepreneurs representatives around 2021 production and operation results, 2022 to help Yichang “accelerate the development of the city, promote energy level leap” work plan made an exchange speech.Wang pointed out that the past year was an important milestone in the history of the Party and the country. It was also an extraordinary and challenging year in which Hubei province and Yichang achieved decisive results in their post-epidemic recovery.The whole city in the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial party committee, the provincial government under the leadership of breaking the coordinates of the clear development direction, the fission track new preemption industry, adhere to the value orientation of people first, promote the main economic indicators historic return to growth in the province first, full-year GDP topped 500 billion yuan, implements the whole year.All these achievements reflect the firm support and special contribution of the central and provincial enterprises in Appropriate.For a long time, the central and provincial enterprises in Yichang have been working together with yichang, developing together, growing together and making progress together, glowing with vigorous vitality and vigor, showing huge advantages and potential, which will provide continuous power for Yichang to “accelerate the development of the city and promote the leap of energy level”.Wang pointed out that the just-concluded provincial “two sessions” has given Yichang a new mission to “build a non-provincial capital leading city in central and western China and a regional central city in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River”.Yichang is leading the way, actively competing for the position, giving full play to natural advantages, cultural advantages, industrial advantages, and accelerating the construction of “six cities and five centers”.Hope that the central and provincial in appropriate enterprise give full play to the scale, strength and good reputation advantages, in scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and demonstration leading role into play on business model innovation, further promote structure adjustment and the layout optimization, physical fitness, the mass transfer efficiency, continuous in clean energy, the transport hub, the urban construction, large data industry in areas such as strengthening the cooperation with yichang,We will achieve win-win development between government and enterprise.Municipal Party committee, municipal government and all functional departments will, as always, care and attach importance to the development of central and provincial enterprises in Yichang, continue to take feelings and responsibilities, as the gold “shopkeeper”, do their best to create a first-class business environment, and jointly strive for the high-quality development of Yichang and promote common prosperity.Ma Zejiang said while presiding over the meeting that he sincerely hoped that everyone could further promote the entrepreneurial spirit, release more energy and create greater value in yichang, which is a hot land, and distribute more projects and industries to Yichang, leaving more development opportunities to Yichang and providing more employment opportunities to the villagers in Yichang.For the problems raised by enterprises, the municipal government will seriously study and try its best to solve them, so that all enterprises in The province can invest, operate and develop at ease.City leaders Wang Yuancheng, Zhang Lixin, Yang Weihua, the city three Gorges Committee party working committee secretary, director Jiang Zhengxiong, the city government secretary General Li Jun attended the meeting.Source | Three Gorges Daily text | Three Gorges Daily reporter Lei Pengcheng editor | Tingting editor | Long Yizhou reprint must indicate the source