Eat Eat Man/Woman: The taste of home hasn’t changed

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Despite the development and changes of The Times, home as the basic unit of society, its essence seems to have never changed.The stories surrounding the family’s meals and what happened under the roof never stop.We are disgusted at the clear kitchen of firewood, rice, oil and salt, but moved by the bitter, hot, sour and sweet dishes.From our humble beginnings to our post-adult postures, our bodies can be thousands of miles away from home, but the smell of home remains a part of our memory, no matter how far we travel.Eat Eat Man woman, the final chapter in ang Lee’s ‘Family’ trilogy and one of his most critically acclaimed films, has an overall narrative style that is calm and conflicted.The film revolves around the life friction between Lao Zhu and his three daughters. It tells the life style and personal emotional conflict and reconciliation among family members under the same roof in Taiwan, China under the rapid economic development.”Eat, Drink, Man, Woman” was first released in 1994. Although the film is older than many teenagers, the collision and reconciliation of family conflicts built by the characters in the film has not changed over time, and we can still look at current family life through the film.A quote from the Book of Rites perfectly sums up the characters’ lives.Lao Zhu, as one of the core characters in the film, lost his love at an early age and took care of his three daughters until they came of age.In our traditional family culture, he is not only stern and tough as a father, but also kind and tender as a mother.As the daughters grow up and have their own ideas and attitudes about family life, reconciling the different voices in the family cannot be as comprehensive as cooking.When the taste but to the more, even in the star hotel kitchen after the veteran, also can not do a table of family feast five taste, everyone is satisfied.In this prolonged family tug, Lao Zhu’s taste gradually receded, perhaps because of those repressed in his heart of tolerance and accommodation, or perhaps because of the tolerance and understanding of family members without deviation.In determining the three daughter is about to begin a new chapter in life, at the end of the film speak out the dinner not only is he for the feeling of family life, but also a reconciliation with past and self release, finally he formed his new home, in the aftertaste again after second daughter home qian a bowl of soup, mixed feelings, the taste of time again poured on the tip of the tongue.Jia Qian, who plays the most part among the three daughters in the film, is most touched by her resistance and inheritance of her family.Jia Qian inherited half of her parents’ personality and liked to learn from her father’s kitchen since childhood.But from zhu’s point of view, his daughter should not follow the same path as him. She should have a bright future in his eyes, a future he expects.The way of raising children is always bumpy and full of misunderstandings. In the face of a strict father, our family has been struggling silently. We vacillate between the path chosen by our parents and our own ideals, like a kite, eager to cut the line under their feet and fly higher and farther.There is an obvious difference between the traditional Chinese family and the western family. Our parents’ love for us is more tolerant and deep.We’ve probably all had this experience when we were young, when we wanted to escape the constraints of family and grow in freedom.When we have the ability to separate from the original family and re-examine the accompanying family as a spectator, just like the family in the movie, when we hear the father’s words “you can still live here” after the failure of investment;When I learned that my father wanted to keep himself away from the kitchen lampblack and not let himself into the kitchen;When we accidentally catch sight of our father stepping into the hospital elevator alone, those misinterpreted emotions and scenes we ignore may become the trigger of our emotional outburst.In the final family dinner, father and daughter alone is the emotional climax of the whole film, Jia Qian took over the role of her father, in the kitchen that once belonged to her father, cooking out the memories of the dishes.Lao Zhu was no longer a stern captain, for his daughter’s boat had long sails.When taste returns, father and daughter hold hands tightly, the original barriers are finally broken, and the taste of home is passed on along with the skill.Affection is sometimes like a secret room, we have locked up their feelings, the password is the childhood of the family.Everyone has their own chamber, lover and I met in the campus, because the family environment and geographic reasons, tastes differ greatly, while we are out of the original family finally, set up their own family, but I love the most like douban is always PI county, and I was the most unforgettable smelly mandarin fish that unique extraordinary fragrance.The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exceeded everyone’s expectations, slowing down our lives as the virus continues to rage and repeat itself.When the pace of returning home for the Spring Festival stopped due to the epidemic, wechat videos replaced the table of reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve.My memories of everyday life were awakened, and the kitchen slowly began to smell of fireworks.As Sichuan cuisine and Anhui cuisine compete in their own kitchens, the taste of home is being reperceived in this battle of palates.Just as Lao Zhu mentioned in the film: in fact, a family, living under the same roof, can still live their own lives, but the kind of scruples generated from the heart, is the meaning of a home for a home.There was a time when I thought that marrying my lover would be the final answer to all my questions about life.But there is no perfect answer to life, we carry the original family gene already deep in the bone marrow, and the love of the people.In the new family stability process, we have wandered, struggled, even argued, until our daughter was born, the arrival of the little life, let us live a little more accommodation, a little less ego.No matter how proud we used to be, no matter how down and out we are now, every time the family sits together, drinks three rounds, the food tastes delicious, those old photos hidden in the album are mentioned again.We use our new lives to polish our old memories, like a dish that we try again and again until it finally shapes into our own home-cooked dishes.