Emperor Xuanzong killed his three sons in one day. How cruel the imperial struggle was. Imperial power was far greater than family affection

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In 737, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty converted his three sons, Prince Li Ying, Prince Li Yao of Hubei and King Li Ju of Light, into the common people.Before long, Tang Xuanzong issued an edict to kill the three sons. This is how Tang Xuanzong killed the three sons in one day.One thing this episode shows is that in royal strife, family is nothing, power is far greater than family.The reason why Emperor Xuanzong killed his three sons in one day had something to do with who was the king’s successor.The chu jun was the future emperor, and all the successive dynasties fought very hard.The same was true during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong.Xuanzong had 37 sons, of which 7 died and 30 became adults.Of the 25 daughters, 5 died and 20 were adults.It can be said that the number of tang Xuanzong’s children is very much, to the adult is also very much.More sons will inevitably lead to a battle for the crown prince.Although Emperor Xuanzong had 37 sons, none of them were born to the empress.That means none of the sons are legitimate. They’re both illegitimate.Since they all had concubines, this meant that all of them were likely to become crown prince and inherit the throne.So at the beginning, Emperor Xuanzong was worried about the crown prince.But in ancient times there was a tradition that if there was no legitimate son, the eldest son would be chosen.Li Cong, emperor Xuanzong’s eldest son, was considered the most likely to become crown prince.But Li Cong like hunting, accidentally hurt his face.According to the custom at that time, disabled people could not be appointed as the king, which would not be good for the country’s image.So Xuanzong began to look for the crown prince from among his other sons.Since the eldest son could not be the crown prince, Emperor Xuanzong chose his second son, Li Ying, as the crown prince.In 715, li Ying was named crown prince by Emperor Xuanzong when she was only 9 years old.Tang Xuanzong also trained him as his successor.Although Li Ying became the crown prince, it is not easy to say whether he succeeded to the throne.After all, Tang Xuanzong was in the prime of his life, and it was unclear how long Li Ying would remain crown prince and succeed to the throne.And no one knows what might happen on the way to being crown prince.From this time until 724, Li Ying’s position as crown prince was secure without any problems.But after 724, Li Ying’s position as crown prince became increasingly dangerous.Although Li Ying was appointed crown prince early, there was one thing against his stable position, which was her mother.Li ying’s mother was Concubine Zhao Lifei, a woman of humble origin who married Emperor Xuanzong before he ascended the throne for her beauty and ability to sing and dance.After Li Ying became crown prince, Zhao Lifei was deeply favored by Emperor Xuanzong, so she was granted the title of concubine, which was relatively high in the palace.But there is a very serious problem here, from beginning to end Zhao Lifei was always a concubine, did not become the queen.This meant that there was still a chance for other women to become the queen, and the queen’s son would be a legitimate son, which would have a serious impact on Li Ying’s position as crown prince.This could happen at any time. After all, there is no master in the harem, and everyone wants to take the position.I don’t know what Emperor Xuanzong thought. Since he had appointed the crown prince early, why didn’t he make the crown prince’s mother the queen?In this way, the crown prince’s position will be consolidated and there will be no trouble.After looking at the general situation of prince Li Ying, take a look at Li Yao, king of Hubei and Li Ju, King of Light.Hubei Li Yao is the fifth son of Tang Xuanzong, his mother is Huangfu Deyi, see this can find li Yao’s mother’s status is not high, has not reached the level of concubines;King Of Light Li Ju was the eighth son of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty. His mother was liu Cairen, who was also of low rank.That is to say, the mothers of prince Li Ying, Prince Li Yao of Hubei and King Li Ju of Light were not very prominent in the palace.But the mothers of all three were favored by Emperor Xuanzong until 724.Because of this, the relationship between the crown prince Li Ying, The King of Hubei Li Yao, and the King of Light Li Ju were also good.After all, Li Ying’s mother was not the queen, and he knew that his position was not very stable, so he needed the support of others.Li Yao, the king of Hubei, and Li Ju, the king of Light, also knew that their mother’s status was low and there was almost no possibility for them to become crown prince, so they were willing to support Li Ying.In this way, the crown prince Li Ying, The Prince of Hubei Li Yao, the King of Light Li Ju and their mother were all in the same camp.Now let’s look at what happened in 724, so that Tang Xuanzong later killed the three sons.In 724, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty conferred the title of Empress Wu Zetian’s niece, concubine Wuhui, and therefore called her Empress Wuhui as well.See this can find this generation is a bit chaotic, Tang Xuanzong is wu Zetian’s grandson, and Wu Hui consort is Wu Zetian’s niece, this is obviously different generation.But the royal family did not pay attention to this, which was normal at the time.Emperor Xuanzong wanted to make Wu empress, but his ministers objected.Although Wu was named Hui Consort, she was also a concubine, but because of emperor Xuanzong’s favor, she was very high in the harem.There was no empress in the palace, and Princess Wuhui exercised almost all the power of the empress.After princess Wuhui appeared, prince Li Ying’s trouble came.As Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty favored Concubine Wu Hui more and more, the mothers of prince Li Ying, Prince Li Yao of Hubei and King Li Ju of Light became less and less favored in the palace, and their status became lower and lower.And the decline of their mother’s status had an adverse effect on their status.This inside the biggest influence is the prince Li Ying, after all, he is the prince, the others are just wang Ye.No prince will fight for the throne, but will definitely fight for the crown prince.In particular, his mother, Concubine Zhao Lifei, died in 726, leaving no one in the court to compete with Her.Of course, prince Li Ying also know the situation is not conducive to their own, so the heart is very uncomfortable, often complain.Princess Wuhui and Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty had seven children, who were Li Yi, Li Min, Li Jie, Li Qi, and her daughter, Princess Shangxian, Princess Xianyi, princess Taihua, four boys and three girls.Because of her prominent position in the palace and the fact that Emperor Xuanzong wanted to make him empress, she also had the idea of making her own son crown prince.Plus prince Li Ying to their dissatisfaction, she would like to set his son for the prince.After having an idea, Princess Wuhui began to act.To put it simply, Princess Wuhui was to speak ill of the crown prince together with the ministers of the Court and China. After a long time, Emperor Xuanzong would definitely be dissatisfied with the crown prince.Then Emperor Xuanzong would have deposed the crown prince, and Princess Wuhui’s son would have become the new crown prince.After saying many bad things, Tang Xuanzong did have the idea of dethroning the crown prince.However, after the prime minister Zhang Jiuling’s strong guarantee, Tang Xuanzong did not abolish the crown prince.But at this time of Emperor Xuanzong already had this idea, as long as Princess Wuhui add fire, the crown prince is deposed sooner or later.In 737, Princess Wuhui told prince Li Ying, Prince Li Yao of Hubei, and Prince Li Ju of Light that there were thieves in the palace and asked them to enter the palace to catch the thieves.Do not know this elder brother sa how to think, actually letter, and they are still full vice armed into the palace.In wuhui under the instigation of the elder brother three with people into the palace, after Wuhui concubine and told Tang Xuanzong said the three mutiny has been killed in the palace.Emperor Xuanzong’s men caught him dead.At this time, Zhang Jiuling had retired, and the prime minister was replaced by Li Linfu, who was cooperating with Concubine Wuhui. When Emperor Xuanzong asked Li Linfu how to deal with the matter, Li linfu directly said that it was the emperor’s family affair and he was not in a position to intervene.This was tantamount to acquiescing in Tang Xuanzong’s deposed crown prince.In this way, The crown prince Li Ying, The King of Hubei Li Yao, and the King of light Li Ju were demoted to common people by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.However, the matter did not end there. Later, under the continued persuasion of Empress Wuhui, Emperor Xuanzong finally decreed the death of the three sons.This is the general situation of tang Xuanzong killing three sons in one day.As the saying goes, a tiger’s poison does not eat its offspring, but it is very inappropriate to use this saying in the royal family, because it happens all over the place.For Tang Xuanzong, his own position was more important than anything else.Especially in the Tang Dynasty, coups happened all the time.Xuanzong’s own throne had much to do with the coup.Although the crown prince was the prince-in-waiting, he was also a great threat to the emperor.Once the emperor is gone, the crown prince will benefit the most.That’s why Tang Xuanzong killed his three sons.Although Princess Wuhui designed to kill prince Li Ying, The King of Hubei Li Yao, The king of light Li Ju, the trick was also successful, but her psychological quality is not high.After always feel that the elder brother three ghosts to find their revenge, not long to be alive scared to death.But that’s not the end of the story, because what follows is more interesting.After the death of Concubine Wuhui, Emperor Xuanzong paid more attention to his sons and concubine Wuhui’s sons, especially to Li Jia, the King of Shou.In 735, Li Jie married Yang Yuhuan as conkind.Emperor Xuanzong, who was concerned about Li MAO, also discovered his daughter-in-law and eventually tried his best to get Yang Yuhuan to his side and become his concubine.Later, Although Li Linfu actively supported the appointment of Li Jiang as crown prince, Gao Lishi and others favored Li Heng as crown prince.Perhaps because of Yang Guifei, the final result was that Li Heng became the crown prince, and Li Chang remained the royal Lord.Wuhui concubine tried all means, or finally spend another home.Compared with the nine sons of the later Kangxi dynasty, this was even more brutal.After all, it’s a father on a son.Reference: Book of Tang