Putin had two questions and called Biden and Macron, but the two sides said different things

2022-07-29 0 By

Recently, the situation between Russia and Ukraine is very sensitive.Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was involved in the incident, made three phone calls in one day.The first call was made to US President Joe Biden. Putin had two questions. First, Regarding NATO’s eastward expansion, Russia has drawn a red line, requiring NATO to ensure no further eastward expansion in legal form, why NATO ignored the core and key issues of Russia’s security guarantee proposal?Second, why does the US deliberately spread the false news of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine to the media when Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no plan to start a war?Instead of answering Mr. Putin’s questions, Mr. Biden reiterated that if Russia launched a war to invade Ukraine, the United States would respond strongly with its Allies and impose swift and painful costs.It is clear that the US and Russia are talking past each other without reaching any consensus.The situation continues to deteriorate and there is no hope.In a second call to French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr. Putin reiterated Russia’s demand for security and that NATO must respond substantively to Russian security guarantees.Mr. Putin also highlighted western reluctance to push Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreement.The failure of the “Normandy format” talks held on February 10 was another example of this.Macron said he is willing to promote the implementation of the Minsk Agreement through dialogue and agreed to continue dialogue on the above issues at the highest level between the two countries.France and Russia have also failed to agree. Macron wants to be a second De Gaulle in the belief that France can lead Europe away from American domination.In fact, the current Crisis between Russia and Ukraine shows how little Voice France has.A third call was made to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenka, with whom Putin and Lukashenka agreed to further develop bilateral cooperation and exchange views on the status of U.S. and NATO responses to Russia’s security guarantee proposal.Just recently, Belarus and Russia held the “Alliance Resolve 2022” military exercise.While the exercises claim not to be aimed at any third party, they are more or less closely related to the situation in Ukraine.Belarus shares a border with Ukraine, and if the situation changes, the Coalition can quickly intervene from the flanks.Can war between Russia and Ukraine be avoided?All along, Russia had no plans to invade Ukraine.When Putin demanded a halt to NATO’s eastward expansion, the US suddenly went on a rampage, spreading false stories about Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine.NATO’s refusal to respond positively to Russia’s security offer is no longer a matter of patience for Either Russia or Europe.When Mr Putin’s patience runs out, the situation will spiral out of control.(Post/Twitter)