Shi Weihong led a team to inspect work safety before the Spring Festival

2022-07-29 0 By

Handheld Qujing news January 24, Luliang county party Committee standing committee, county commissioner Shi Weihong, Luliang County people’s government deputy county magistrate Shi Hongxiang rate of the tenth inspection group to check the Spring Festival before the work of safety.Team construction site, a line has come under the riverside reservoir Kun peng plastic packaging plant, overseas Chinese district sinopec gas station, central streets in beneficial petrochemical gas stations, xin yue fireworks firecracker shop, supermarket, totem of the underground mall, through methods such as field view, listen to the report, data access,, epidemic prevention and control of construction safety, food safety, fire control facilities, such as field inspector checks,And carry out on-site supervision and rectification on existing weak links.Inspection group, reservoir to strictly implement the safety risk prevention measures on the construction site, safety disclosure, level 3 safety education, a safety responsibility and parameter record work safety supervision and management, such as the construction site should be divided the alert area, pull the red line, set clear warning signs, in pay special attention to the safety and quality at the same time pay attention to ecological environment protection and discarded goods processing,Holiday to arrange personnel on duty.Plastic packaging factory should give top priority to fire safety, liquefied gas and other dangerous goods should be stored and placed as required, fire extinguishers and other fire appliances should be equipped with complete, regular fire safety inspection, distribution room cleaning and warehouse fire prevention work.Gas station to check safety and fire fighting, safety and improve the responsibility consciousness, should ask when bulk retail gasoline use and registration, emergency preparedness and terror alert to do special people, standardize manage fire equipment, fire sandbox and timely updates, strict management station, smoke, use naked light and answer the call, at the same time to strengthen the rectification,The disorderly materials should be dealt with in a timely manner, and do a good job of bookkeeping records.Fireworks stores should strictly implement epidemic prevention and control work, and pay attention to fire safety, strictly prevent open flames and combustible objects, and do a good job in fire and explosion prevention.Supermarkets and shopping malls to plan as a whole pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control work, the implementation of the current limiting, wearing masks, and temperature, and to change the entrance code to “travel” qujing epidemic prevention code, strictly implement the fire safety measures, ensure that fire extinguisher, fire hydrant facilities can be normal use, make fresh, cold chain and imported fruit source monitoring and sanitizers work, at the same time to keep clear of escape.