South Korean women lose the 1000m short track speed skating crown!Choi wept as the gold and bronze medalists embraced each other in celebration

2022-07-29 0 By

Beijing time on February 11, the evening, in the women’s 1000 m short track speed skating finals, Korean players Cui Minjing ShuErTing he narrowly lost to star, not the Olympics gold medal, this make Cui Minjing very pain, she is still very uncomfortable, and ignored the two athletes of the gold and bronze, it makes a lot of domestic and foreign media,After all, it is proper manners to respect your opponent on the field of play.However, Choi only hugged her head and cried, and the South Korean media also criticized the competition, saying that the Organizing committee and the referee of the Chinese Winter Olympics rigged the competition.In the winter games, many players are desperate to compete for the final champion, this is especially true in the short track speed skating, each competition among the exciting race are all players and the competition between the talent and ability, in the women’s 1000 meters short track speed skating, South Korea players Cui Minjing is undoubtedly a very powerful player,And she has won many good results in previous competitions.Unfortunately, In this match, Choi minjing lost to Shulting, shulting played very well in this match, and finally beat the Korean star by a small margin, and the gap between the two is only 0.052 seconds, so that many media are very surprised.The South Korean coaching team and the South Korean media criticized the match, saying the referee rigged the match and did not call a foul on Shulting when she hit the line, which was unacceptable to the South Korean public.And Cui Minjing after losing the race and became very sad, she cry that forget oneself still stand on the field, two players of gold and bronze embrace each other together to celebrate, they can get such good grades to oneself very satisfied, Korean players Cui Minjing excluded from them, so look out and not enough air.Either way, the match was over and Choi had to accept the fact that Shulting had won the tournament.