Weinan Central Hospital has carried out the 18th training month activity of junior teachers in neurology

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Study early, not spring.In order to improve the professional level of nursing staff, strengthen the construction and training of nursing talent team, under the unified deployment of the nursing department, the 18th session of nursing “little teacher” technical operation training month activity was held as scheduled in the department of Neurology of Weinan Central Hospital.All nurses in the ward attend.Neurology department according to the nursing work plan, combined with the characteristics of specialized diseases, the department of common nursing technology operation and specialized operation technology into the “eighteenth session of nursing junior teacher training”.In addition to the hospital-level training, anti-spasticity position placement, active and passive rehabilitation training, intermittent oral to esophageal tube feeding, negative pressure rinsing dental care and other operations were added.In the theoretical teaching part, the junior teachers of the school explain the key points, processes and matters needing attention in operation, and sort out the logical sequence of each step of the process. The steps are clear, the main points are emphasized and the key points are highlighted.At the end of the class, we will discuss and answer questions on the spot, and strive to achieve the homogeneity and standardization of each person’s operation, and practically improve the operation level of all staff.Practical skills assessment part is also in accordance with the arrangement in an orderly way.The assessment grasps the “present the problem, solve the problem” principle, the small teachers one on one “pass, help, take”, to not in place to give correction and guidance, learning atmosphere is very strong.By reflecting on the operating points, repeated practice, finally, all the small teachers with excellent results, successfully passed the assessment.Training and assessment are not the ultimate goal, but a way to constantly find their own problems, to promote learning by examination, and constantly improve the enthusiasm of nursing staff to learn, form a virtuous cycle mode, urge everyone to constantly improve and improve their ability in clinical practice.Bao Jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold.This clinical skill training improves the skill level of all nurses in the department, strengthens the clinical practice ability, makes the operation of nursing staff more standardized, contributes to the formation of good work habits, further optimize the nursing service level of the department, and provides patients with more professional and high-quality nursing services.(Source: Weinan Central Hospital)